the person who defended his dog was sentenced to 8 months in prison

A man accused of throwing his dog from the 5th floor of an apartment in Strasbourg was sentenced this Wednesday, February 1, by the criminal court of Strasbourg to 8 months in prison, followed by 4 months of probation and a care obligation.

At least seven animal protection associations took part as civil parties in the trial in Strasbourg on February 1 to try the man suspected of throwing his dog from the fifth floor of the Neuhof building on January 30.

The Strasbourg Criminal Court sentenced him to eight months in prison, followed by a four-month probationary period with a care obligation. Now he is also banned from keeping pets for life.

The associations, represented by five lawyers, wanted to recall the ordeal of Mocha, a small Pekingese cross, after it fell more than 15 meters from its owner’s residence in the Neuhof district of Strasbourg on Monday, January 30, 2023.

On Monday, January 30, around 8:30 a.m., Moka the dog was discovered by a neighbor who was cycling home from work. He was alerted by the van driver. He tells her what he sawthe alcoholic throws the dog out the window“.

A one-and-a-half-year-old Pekingese was lying on the ground in a pool of blood, his back paralyzed. A neighbor calls the fire department, then finds the dog’s owner barefoot and drunk. “My dog ​​opened the window and jumped out“he explains to the passerby.

My dog ​​opened the window and jumped out.

The first explanations of the dog owner

At the meeting, the defendant finally explains that he accidentally fell from the fifth floor. He would like to put a box of liver paste on the windowsill and keep it away. Escaping the vigilance of his highly alcoholic master, the 25 cm tall, 12 kg small dog would manage to jump to get out and fall.

Then he would stay for an hour before a neighbor discovered him, dying on the flagstones in front of the building.

At the meeting, lawyers and the prosecutor tried to understand the contradictions in the statements of the accused. A 39-year-old man who was heavily alcoholic at the time of the incident still had 0.89 mg alcohol content per liter of exhaled air when he was caught by the police. Investigators did not find the Pate box either in the studio or outside.

He told investigators during the hearing:it doesn’t matter if my dog ​​dies. With red wine I could make it a bourguignon“. What the defendant described as a joke during the trial.

He denies accidentally throwing his dog out the window, but admits to being an alcoholic. After spending several years on the street, he finally managed to rent a small apartment from the Horizon Amitié association and get a dog because he felt lonely. At the end of the meeting, he addressed the representatives of associations and the public and wanted to say that he loves his dog, which some neighbors say he abused.

Maître Didier Reins, a lawyer for the Society for the Protection of Animals (SPA), described the 24 hours after the dog was found. The SPA took over the animal and placed it on painkillers, x-rayed it to see the extent of the injuries.

The spa tried to treat him 24 hours a day.” Master Reins explained. “We did everything possible to save this dog. But he was literally blown up, with only one organ in place, nothing working. He was in terrible pain and would never recover.He was finally euthanized on Tuesday on humanitarian grounds.

We did everything we could to save this dog. But it literally exploded, not a single organ was in place, nothing was working. He was in terrible pain and would never recover.

Maître Didier Reins, SPA lawyer

When we euthanize a dog at the SPA, we rehash. We will be thinking about this little dog for weeks“, the lawyer gave detailed information.”The sentence should be important so that finally everyone knows that we do not abuse animals, do not shoot them and do not throw them out the window.“.

The defendant faced a maximum sentence of 5 years in prison and a fine of 75,000 euros, which was increased by the new law that came into effect in December 2021. Before this date, a maximum of 2 years in prison and a fine of 30,000 euros were provided.

Men’s hearts will not change”Maître Patrice Grillon, lawyer of the Stéphane Lamart association and animal protection brigade, said. “And we will see similar cases again. French judges will continue to deal with acts of violence against animals.

The lawyer explains that the number of cases filed in French courts is increasing. “On a positive note, citizens are becoming increasingly aware of the plight of animals.” And they no longer hesitate to condemn illegal behavior.

Police and gendarmes will soon be trained to combat animal cruelty.

After the trial, the man was found guilty of throwing his dog out of the window. He was sentenced to twelve months in prison, four months of which were probation and compulsory care. A sentence accompanied by a lifetime ban on owning a pet.

The man will also have to pay a heavy fine to seven animal protection associations: 800 euros, as well as 800 euros in legal fees for six, 1,200 euros to the SPA for moral damage, 800 euros in legal fees and 208 euros in veterinary costs, for a total of 11,808 euros.

This decision is a strong signal for the animal cause. French judges are increasingly strict. If you are cruel to an animal, you can go to jail.

Maître Patrice Grillon, lawyer of the Stéphane Lamart Association and the Animal Protection Brigade

The accused’s lawyer, Maître Cécile Boutin, does not yet know whether her client will appeal. He has ten days for this. He remains in custody tonight.

Master Patrice Grillon is pleased with the decision. “Despite his denials, he was found guilty by the facts: he deliberately threw his animal out of the window. This decision is a strong signal for the animal cause. French judges are increasingly strict. If you are cruel to an animal, you can go to jail“.

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