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One Voice, a company that has been fighting against stray cats for years, has established the Chatipi education program, which educates the public about cats in general and helps these cats, who have no human family, no longer suffer from misery. Thus, One Voice forms a triangular partnership with municipalities (or shelters) and local associations, to identify homeless cats and, above all, to sterilize them and release them if they cannot be adopted, providing them with a wooden tent to stay hydrated, fed and comfortable . . This happened in Grenoble, where an agreement was signed between the municipality, Cosa Animalia and One Voice. A press briefing will be held on January 23 at 10:45.

The press conference will take place at the back on Monday, January 23 48, a bridge in Grenoble, France (in front of the chapel) will take place at 10:45 in the presence of Sandra Krief, municipal councilor responsible for animal welfare, and Andrea Argémi, president of the local association Cosa Animalia. Finally, it is Mathilde Perrot who is responsible for the Chatipi program for One Voice, which will represent the union.

For Sandra KriefMunicipal councilor responsible for animal welfare of the city of Grenoble:

For Mathilde PerrotResponsible for Chatipi for One Voice:

For Muriel ArnalFounding President of One Voice:

Chatipi is a sustainable solution to the vicious cycle of cat wandering

Chatipi is an ethical device aimed at saving stray cats and creating places to rescue them to raise awareness among citizens about their plight and needs. About twenty projects are ready and almost as many are under development. Several catipis have been set up near schools or in nursing homes, nursing homes and hospitals (especially in Pitié-Salpêtrière) not only to help the cats, but also to provide comfort to the residents. Because One Voice’s purpose is fundamentally to teach about cats.
Indeed, these small cats are often mistakenly described as independent animals, whereas they are very affectionate, loyal and dependent, which makes them vulnerable when abandoned.

Sterilization should be automatic!

Abandonment is not the only source of cat wandering. This vicious circle starts with wrong preconceptions about cats, especially that they have an intrinsic need to reproduce to be happy, which causes their human family to not always neuter them. Many cat births occur in nature. When these cats survive, they suffer from hunger, cold and disease anyway. They are neither identified nor sterilized because people are sometimes not even aware of their existence. But garbage, under these conditions, only increases. Municipalities or settlements must manage these individuals who face poverty, which also affects biodiversity. One Voice published investigative footage on this topic in one of two liras in Lot-et-Garonneelse in Normandyand calls for urgent awareness of the problemby public services, but also and primarily by the public itself. When you commit to adopting cats, neutering them should be part of the prerequisites.

Allocation of tasks and responsibilities

One Voice, which invented the concept of chatipi, provides chalet and cat enclosurespays for the cats’ food and veterinary expenses (sterilizations, identifications, tests) as well as the education panel at the beginning of the operation. The location and construction of the concrete slab is entrusted to the municipality. A local animal protection association has been running food and health monitoring of cats for a long time; Cosa Animalia also handled the assembly of the chalet and its internal fittings.

One Voice website dedicated to Chatipi This educational program about cats provides a lot of information.

Application for an emergency plan on cat walking.

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