“Our kennels are always full”: Auxerre SPA takes stock of 2022

It has been a constant for several years now, no box is free at Auxerre SPA. Although adoptions fell, adoptions followed suit, rising from 312 in 2021 to 280 in 2022. This explains why the shelter is still refusing animals. “Sometimes we can’t take them in because our kennels are always full, so they’re put on a waiting list,” explains Chantal, who has volunteered at SPA since 2008.

Animal abandonment: Yonne shelters face “permanent” overcrowding

Lack of financial resources

If the Union faces a lack of space, it must also face a lack of funding that has constrained it for several years.

“Our association works only through donations, memberships or bequests of individuals, we do not receive any subsidies”.

Chantal (Volunteer at SPA)

Donors who have been facing a difficult economic and social situation for several months are of little importance. “Financially, it’s complicated,” admits the volunteer. Already a year ago, the SPA warned about both the lack of means and the saturation of kennels. “Problems that don’t go away in twelve months.”
During 2022, the number of those thrown is 230 (86 dogs and 144 cats). A certain number come from deliberate abandonment, from mistreatment, from placement, others are found and never claimed, others are still trusted by agencies such as the gendarmerie.

award “Dogs, cats, we’re fed up”: Auxerre SPA looks back on a year weakened by a lack of facilities

Kennel renovation project

But a new fact has emerged and tends to grow, the rejection of economic necessity.

“Many people can no longer afford to keep pets, especially dogs, because they can no longer afford the costs.”

Chantal (Volunteer at SPA)

Aware of the situation, the SPA offers temporary assistance to cover food costs. For next year, the SPA clearly wants the number of school dropouts to continue to decline. He also hopes to begin renovating the kennel (representing 24 boxes) if finances allow. The work has costs, so the association calls for donations and opens its doors to those who want to join the association as a volunteer.

Want to adopt a dog or cat? Adopting a pet is not something to be taken lightly. Therefore, the SPA gives buyers a week to make a decision. Please note that adoption fees vary depending on the animal (dog or cat) and its age. Estimate between €100 and €350, plus sterilization costs for puppies and kittens under six months. Rocky, Praline, Pamela and others are just waiting to pamper you! The SPA is open on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays from 14:00 to 16:30. More information

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