Mark Zuckerberg’s favorite VR headset leaked thanks to a maintenance worker… here comes the Meta Quest Pro!

News JVTech Mark Zuckerberg’s favorite VR headset leaked thanks to a maintenance worker… here comes the Meta Quest Pro!

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Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook and head of Meta, has one dream: to create his own Metaverse. To access it, you need to achieve the technological achievement of creating a light, pleasant VR headset full of new sensors. Meta Quest Pro or Project Cambria should be the first piece of this building. Although the announcement is scheduled for October 11, everything seems to have already leaked under special conditions.

Meta Quest Pro is the name given by all the specialized press to the upcoming virtual reality (VR) headset that already has the Meta (formerly Facebook) seal. For now, the official codename is “Project Cambria” and it Mark Zuckerberg’s little girlfriend.

The billionaire wants to build his Metaverse social network and sell us accessories that will allow him to access it. Its purpose? Prepare a parallel life in the virtual universe for each. Meta Quest Pro should be the gateway to the world the Facebook creator dreams of.

Meta acquired Oculus VR 8 years ago, since then GAFAM’s Fi has established itself as one of the big leaders in the virtual reality market. The company’s ambitions for Meta Quest Pro are staggering.

Talking about the most reliable rumors:

  • With a more powerful chip than Meta Quest 2.
  • 2 glasses of 2.48 inches 2160 x 2160p resolution per eye, compared to 1920 x 1832p for the current model.
  • From the transition from LED technology Mini LED technologyfound in Samsung’s high-end 4K TVs, for example.
  • From a passage mixed realityA mix between VR and AR thanks to HD cameras (AR is augmented reality… Pokémon GO is a good example).
  • extremely innovative features such as the arrival of a sensor capable of copying our facial expressions or simply the direction of our eyes.

Mark Zuckerberg himself announced that the upcoming VR headset will be unveiled with great fanfare in October. Official date dropped: October 11, 2022. Logically, the release should happen very shortly after this presentation.

Finally stay price issue. You can sting there.

As you know, we are in a period of high inflation. The technology world is particularly affected as it also has to deal with the problem of component shortages. But that’s not all.

Because the value of our currency has decreased due to the conflict in European lands. A concrete example of the results: if the new iPhone 14s are so expensive here, it is almost exclusively due to the fall in the price of the euro.

An innovative and high-end VR headset marketed with the word “Pro” can cost €800 or even more in this sophisticated era. maybe even 1000€. It will continue, answer for a month.

Note that Meta Quest 2 is currently around €450.

Ramiro Cardenas, if that’s his real name, is a hotel cleaner. Which hotel? In which city? History doesn’t say so, and maybe it’s better for this gentleman.

While cleaning the living room, Ramiro made a funny discovery: A few boxes of Meta Quest Pro would be…forgotten. according to our colleagues from The Vergethe tenant of the room would ask for the return of their precious prototypes.

Adam must have realized the importance of his discovery. So he took some pictures and even product video. Ironically, Ramiro Cardenas shared everything on his account… Facebook.

Since then, the images have gone viral on the internet, particularly on Redditthe canvas catches fire. A real leak, a surfer’s voice, or even a deliberate leak from Facebook…theories abound.

If this is indeed Meta Quest Pro and everything leads to believe it is, especially the note “Not for sale, technical sample” on cardboard, there is a big leak of the design of the car in front of our eyes.

At first glance, we see 3 things:

  • Meta Quest Pro is good. So if you want to extend your VR sessions, it’s likely to be pretty light, which is good news.
  • The news that caused a great reaction from Internet users is the lack of a belt that passes through the top of the skull. The helmet appears to be held tight around the head only: The end of hideous post-VR hairstyles on Oculus.
  • The controllers are small and practical. they keep joysticks that players love.

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