Do foxes eat cats?

Foxes are easily recognizable dogs because they have a thick tail, pointed ears and a long nose. They are also known for their cunning and incredible hunting skills. They all belong to the Vulpini family, which includes the red fox, the arctic fox, as well as the fennel and desert foxes. They can become a real nuisance in many places and as they attack domestic animals (such as chickens).

But… do foxes eat cats? If you are asking yourself this question, you have come to the right place and we wish you a very pleasant reading!

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Do foxes eat cats?

In general, foxes tend to approach crowded areas because they know very well that they will find food there. Since they are very skilled hunters, it is normal to be afraid for your cats. So what is it really? Do foxes eat cats? Well, your fears have been confirmed because, Yes, foxes can eat cats.

However, you should be aware that foxes are more likely to attack newborn or juvenile cats than adult cats. The reason is that adult cats are more agile and larger and therefore better able to defend themselves against a fox attack.

Normally, foxes prefer not to fight with strong-tempered animals. In fact, foxes are very shy animals and they are more inclined to forage for food from small, helpless animals such as chickens or cats. On the other hand, cats do not share their natural habitat with foxes and therefore, they are not part of their regular diet.

To prevent possible fox attacks on cats, if you know there are foxes in your home, it is best not to let them out. Even in other cases, it is not advisable to let your cats roam.

It is important to note that foxes do not invade human territory and vice versa. When people settle in uninhabited places, they come to lands inhabited by foxes, and this is when coexistence problems begin.

Do foxes eat cats?  - Does the fox eat the cat?

What does the fox eat?

They are foxes animals classified as opportunistic omnivores, so they eat whatever they can get their hands on. However, the fox’s diet is more carnivorous than herbivorous, and it has a slight preference for live prey, a diet supplemented by consumption of fruit or carrion.

Foxes feed mainly on mice, but also other small mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles and insects. In human-populated areas, foxes can eat chickens, rabbits, and feed on their litter.

When the prey is too large, they drag it into their burrows to buy time to eat without being exposed to the danger of predators and hunters being out in the open.

If they don’t finish their food, they keep it in their nest to finish it later. After all, hunting is a very physically demanding activity, and its results should not be wasted. IThere are even foxes that bury their prey to eat later.

How do foxes hunt?

Foxes have different hunting techniques depending on their habitat. However, they all have excellent sense of smell, sight, hearing and tracking.

Young foxes are very playful. This need for play allows them to familiarize themselves with their environment while learning to hunt in a safe place marked by their parents.

Arctic foxes require more advanced skills due to the thick snow cover. When they sense that their prey is under the snow, foxes jump vertically and dive headfirst to catch their prey. To detect their prey, they must move silently, and it has even been suggested that they use their electromagnetic fields to detect their prey under snow.

Also desert or forest foxes stealthily sneak up on their prey. When they catch their prey, they bite the neck to kill them quickly.

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Do foxes eat cats?  - How do foxes hunt?

Interesting facts about the fox

Finally, let’s conclude our article with interesting facts about foxes:

  • The fox, unlike most dogs, is a solitary animal. Find out all about single animals!
  • Foxes run away from people.
  • Available 27 species different from foxes. They are cosmopolitan animals that have adapted to many different climates. Some may live in deserts or the Arctic.
  • Some species are considered pests in one region and endangered in others, for example Darwin’s fox (Lycalopex fulvipes) living in Chile.
  • Most of them can be at night, and some can be during the day.
  • To protect their territory, they mark it with secretions to scare away other foxes or other species of animals.
  • They are very vocal and can spread Up to 28 votes different to communicate.

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