Decrease in mortality in Haute-Vienne and Corrèze, increase in Creuse

Like everywhere else in France, traffic accidents are decreasing in Haute-Vienne and Corrèze. The numbers at Creuse remain almost the same as in recent years. Two concerns for the entire area are the involvement of youth and two-wheelers in these accidents.

Compared to last year, the number of road deaths in Upper Vienna has halved, 14 people against 32 in 2021. In 2019, the year before the pandemic, so in 2019, which is closer to current traffic, there were 18.

The number of accidents, 420 in 2022 against 437 in 2021, remains significant, albeit slightly lower. 503 people were injured in 2022, 523 people were injured last year.

Imaginative figures but “can fall quickly” Summarizes the Prefect of Upper Vienna. “You have to be very careful” he adds.

The road safety record in Corrèze is also promising: the three main indicators (accidents, injuries, fatalities) are below the average of the last 5 years and will be below 2021. The number of deaths decreased by 13.3%. (- 2 deaths: 15 vs. 13 on average), the number of accidents by 4.3% (- 17 accidents: 168 vs. 161) and the number of injuries by 7% (2017 vs. 204 on average).

The number of accidents in Creuse is comparable from one year to the next: 45 in 2022 (33 injured hospitalized compared to 35 in 2021). On the other hand, the number of deaths has doubled from 9 to 4 last year. Accidents in this department occur outside residential areas. They mainly include men and young people aged 18-24.

How do you explain the causes of these accidents? The main causes in the three departments are excessive or inappropriate speed, refusal of priority, use of alcohol and drugs, and driver inattention.

Young people and two-wheelers are especially affected by accidents

Motorized two-wheeled vehicles are involved in 27% of accidents in Korrez department. The most serious thing happens in the management road network.

The number of accidents related to soft mobility (bicycles, unicycles and scooters) is constantly increasing due to insufficient personal protective equipment and compliance with traffic rules.

Of the 420 accidents in Upper Vienna in 2022, 36 involved bicycles, 34 were injured (out of 503) and 3 were killed (i.e. more than 20%). In most cases, these accidents occur in residential areas (89%).

The involvement of young people in the same department is a cause for concern. Young people aged 18-34 are involved in 60% of accidents in 2022, and 58% are responsible. They account for more than 20% of those killed (3 out of 14 in total).

Finally, occupational travel accounts for more than 40% of bodily accidents. It is 174 in 2022. These numbers remain high in a situation where the car has few alternatives for commuting to work in rural areas.

In order to eliminate the strong involvement of young people and two-wheelers in accidents, the prefecture of Upper Vienna is planning new awareness measures. 72,000 euros are financed by the state for their education. The prefect insists on people who choose soft mobility: “They should protect themselves and respect the traffic lights. Just because you’re riding a scooter or bicycle doesn’t mean these rules don’t apply. When you light a fire, you expose yourself to the risk of an accident. You take a risk when you travel with headphones. We need to be able to move to remember the good practices of two wheels and all soft mobility.”

Deaths in France increase in 2022 (3,260 vs. 2,944 in 2021) but remains stable compared to 2019 (the year before the pandemic, so closer to the current cycle) with 3,244 deaths. As a local situation more men are involved in accidents than women, and this situation worries young people aged 14-24.

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