What veterinary care does dog or cat insurance cover?

Buying health insurance for your pets allows you to be reimbursed for veterinary care. Dog and cat insurance offers different formulas with more or less coverage. But what veterinary services does pet insurance cover?

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Is the vet paid by insurance?

Unlike the health care system for humans, animals do not benefit from Social Security. As a result, veterinary care remains the responsibility of the owners. Animal reciprocity has been emerging in the insurance market for several years.

They allow owners to insure their dogs and cats to benefit from reimbursement of veterinary expenses. They are based on the same principle as supplementary health insurance for us. From there, there are several formulas with more or less high reimbursement rates and optional guarantees.

In general, pet insurance companies offer 3 different formulas:

  1. A basic formula representing the minimum coverage. On average, it provides a reimbursement rate of 50% to 70% for sickness and accident care.
  2. An intermediate formula that complements the main formula with a higher degree of coverage
  3. A premium formula that offers a minimum of 80% or even 100% coverage. This is the most complete protection, but also the most expensive.

This can be supplemented with warranty options such as a preventive package that provides an annual amount. It intervenes to finance the costs of deworming, sterilization, parasite control and vaccination.

Dog and cat owners can also purchase death insurance. This guarantee provides a lump sum payment upon the death of the animal.

I benefit from insurance with care up to 2000 euros

What conditions must be fulfilled to receive compensation from health insurance?

To receive compensation from a mutual dog or cat, the animal must first be insured. There are several criteria for subscribing to a pet health insurance contract:

  • Age of the pet: most insurers impose an age limit. On average, you can insure your pet for 3 months to 7 years.
  • Breed: some companies apply additional premiums to breeds considered more fragile.
  • Habitat: for example, an outdoor cat presents a greater risk of accidents than an indoor cat

After signing the dog or cat insurance contract, you must meet certain conditions to receive compensation for veterinary care:

  1. Consultations and care must be provided by a licensed veterinarian
  2. You must send the care form completed by the veterinarian and the paid invoice to the insurer

There are 100% digital pet insurance policies. Procedures are carried out completely online, which shortens the compensation period.

Important: Before choosing a health insurance for your hair ball, it is important to compare the various offers available in the market. For this, you can use our 100% free and fast online comparison tool.

Good to know: payments for veterinary services are processed within 48-72 hours on average.

Are there exceptions to mutual animal coverage?

All animal mutual agreements provide warranty exclusions. Specifically, the circumstances do not give rise to a right to compensation. These exclusions vary by insurance company, which freely adjusts them. Hence the importance of carefully comparing different quotes and contract clauses!

Certain pathologies or conditions are generally excluded from the warranty. For example, dog and cat interactions do not include:

  • Procedures not performed by a licensed veterinarian
  • Hereditary and genetic diseases
  • Care related to illness that occurred before subscribing to pet mutual insurance
  • Animal cruelty concerns
  • Pathologies that can be prevented by modern vaccination

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