The European Citizens’ Initiative to end animal testing has been approved with over 1.2 million signatures!

European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) “For Cruelty Free Cosmetics” there is passesé lA requirement to collect 1 million verified signatures – Reaching more than 1.2 million statements of support from European citizens.

The European Commission must now meet with the organizers of the campaign and respond to citizens’ concerns. With more than 10 million animals suffering in experiments every year in the EU and new non-animal technologies being developed more than ever before, it is time for change.

“Gone are the days of force-feeding helpless animals cosmetics, deliberately infecting them with debilitating diseases or drilling holes in their skulls – a radical overhaul at EU level is needed to support the transition to modern science,” the president said. ICE organizing committee Sabrina Engel from PETA Germany.

“This European Citizens’ Initiative strongly supports the European Parliament’s call for a permanent ban on animal testing. In addition to this call by the voice of citizens, the Commission cannot ignore the strong mobilization demanding the acceleration of the transition to non-animal science.” Tilly Metz, Member of the European Parliament from the Greens/European Free Alliance group.

“This ICE could not be more timely with a chemical strategy for animal hazards in laboratories. Starting today, no additional animal testing should be required to fill chemical information gaps. We must move to safer and more ethical chemical safety assessments,” he says. Sirpa Pietikainen, MP from the European People’s Party.

“The citizen message has never been clearer or more consistent with the voices of scientists, industry, NGOs and politicians. Everyone understands that the plan to phase out animal testing is a win-win for humans, other animals and the environment. Now the Commission must listen to citizens and finally implement it.” Anja Hazekamp, ​​left-wing MP.

“European citizens have been turning to cruelty-free cosmetics for a long time. This European Citizens’ Initiative is another reminder to the Commission that EU citizens will not sit quietly until the loopholes in legislation to end all animal testing for cosmetics are closed,” he said. Niels Fuglsang of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats.

ICE’s three main demands are strict enforcement of the EU’s ban on animal testing of cosmetic ingredients, a full transition to non-animal methods for testing chemical safety, and adherence to a plan to phase out all animal testing.

ICE was launched in August 2021 by Cruelty Free Europe, Eurogroup for Animals, the European Coalition to End Animal Testing, Humane Society International/Europe and PETA, with the support of global beauty and personal care companies The Body Shop and Dove. It has since been actively promoted by companies such as Lush and a coalition of groups and activists from across Europe. Hundreds of celebrities have also supported the campaign, including Paul McCartney, French journalist Hugo Clement, British comedian Ricky Gervais, Finnish heavy metal band Lordi, Italian singer Red Canzian and English actress Evanna Lynch.

No other ECI has received this level of support in so many different countries. To be successful, the ECI must collect at least 1 million verified signatures and reach the minimum signature target in at least seven different EU countries. This ECI exceeded the minimum target in 22 different countries, demonstrating great pan-European support for the campaign to end animal testing.

Important information :

  • The European citizens’ initiative End Animal Testing (ECI) brought together a network of NGOs and multinational companies across Europe. This is the first time in history that so many European organizations have come together to take action for animals in laboratories.
  • The number of verified signatures per country will be updated and displayed here after the Commission submits and after internal checks.
  • After receiving the verified signatures, Commission representatives will meet with ECI organizers to explain in detail the issues raised in their initiative. The initiative will also be subject to a public hearing in the European Parliament before the Commission gives a formal response.
  • For more information on European Citizens’ Initiatives, see the ECI fact sheet on the European Parliament’s website.

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