Meta is still working on its Apple Watch with an amazing design

Meta has not given up on the smart watch project for the metaverse. Although the initiative seems to have been compromised by the economic crisis, the group has developed a second version of the accessory.

Mirroring most tech giants, Meta has been gradual fell into an economic crisis. Faced with disastrous financial results, the California group was forced to cut costs. Thus, the company has lost 13% of its employees worldwide.

At the same time, Meta took advantage canceled a number of large projects. Among the initiatives taken is the company’s first augmented reality glasses. Finding the glasses too expensive, Meta focused on a second iteration of the product with the help of Dutch-based Ray-Ban and Luxexcel.

In the process, the brand’s first closed watch would also be cancelled. The accessory, intended to rival the Apple Watch, was in development until last year. It was supposed to carry a camera for video calls, a case with a removable photosensor, and technology that would allow the user to interact with elements in the metaverse. According to a previous report by Bloomberg, the development of the watch has been was suddenly cut off In the spring of 2022.

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A new version faithful to the old

After a few months of media indifference, it would be Meta started working again on a smart watch. According to leaker Kuba Wojciechowski, “A new version of Meta’s smart watch is being developed”. The whistleblower, who is generally fairly reliable, explains that he was contacted by an anonymous source. He provided him with basic information about the project and images of the new iteration of the watch.

Comparing these images to the stolen photos that surfaced last year, we quickly realize this Meta has not changed his mind. The design of the new watch is very similar to the design of the first version. We find the same removable circular case equipped with a photo sensor. Keeping the bracelet on the wrist, it is possible to remove the case, take pictures or record videos. Similarly, we still see a sensor for selfies above the touchscreen.

“There are a few changes to the sensor array on the back, as well as minor aesthetic differences, but nothing major. The overall removable design is still the same” Kuba Wojciechowski notes.

Cuba Wojciechowski

Despite the technical difficulties, the Meta continues to demand connect two photo sensors to the closed hour. Mark Zuckerberg’s company may have finally solved the main technical problem of the first version. In this case, the second photosensor prevented the proper functioning of the electromyogram, which interprets the body’s electrical signals. However, this sensor is essential for the connected watch’s use in the metaverse. By rearranging the rear-integrated sensors, the Meta would eventually find a way to make all these modules work.

On the technical sheet side, the connected clock is included An SoC developed by Qualcomm. Meta would bet on a software interface based on Android. This is not surprising, Meta already relied on Google’s operating system in its virtual reality headsets, Quests. According to the informant, it would be Meta Deadlock in Wear OSAndroid version for smart watches.

At this point, the leaker cannot comment on Meta’s watch release schedule. During the first version, the firm hoped to start marketing the accessory in the spring of 2023. Presumably, the launch date has been pushed back due to budget constraints and technical issues.

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