Zanele Muholi is in the spotlight at the European House of Photography

The European House of Photography is hosting its first entirely dedicated retrospective until May 21, 2023. Zanele Muholi, South African photographer and activist. He has been working closely with Zanele Muholi since the early 2000s The South African LGBT+ community documenting the lives of its creators through multiple means. More 200 photos, videos, archival documents Here, installations are collected to allow you to explore Zanele Muholi’s work in its entirety.

Photography and activism: updating representations to deconstruct clichés

It seems impossible to separate the work of art from it Zanele Muholi and his warrior commitment LGBT+ communities in their countries. At the beginning of the exhibition, it is mentioned that after the abolition of apartheid, the Constitution of 1996 first in the world to prohibit any segregation based on sexual orientation; but it is clear that the text often remains in the closet, and in fact LGBT+ people still discrimination and violence – especially when issues of racism and poverty are added.

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