Weather News: February school holidays: good weather – METEO CONSULT – 15-DAY WEATHER FORECAST

The February school holidays start this weekend and you can leave early on Thursday. Regardless of your destination, mountain, sea or countryside, the weather is especially important during this winter period, especially since the forecast for this February has changed quite a bit. Here, so far, are the first trends to emerge for this weekend and the first week.

School holidays start for this weekend Area A (Besançon, Bordeaux, Clermont-Ferrand, Dijon, Grenoble, Limoges, Lyon and Poitiers), and zone C (Créteil, Montpellier, Paris, Toulouse and Versailles) will close the march on March 5. Therefore, there is a large calendar amplitude at this time of the year when we are slowly moving towards spring, which causes large weather fluctuations. This is especially noticeable in the mountains, where skiers may have good snow conditions at the beginning of the holiday, but not necessarily when it is milder.

A weekend under the sign of an anticyclone

The news is good for those who are the first to go on vacation now weekend then, at least for the first week. Although an uncomfortable and rainy February is predicted at first, this is the outlook postponed until at least the 10th.

Initially, the anticyclone is guaranteed to return to our country from Friday. Therefore, you can plan an incident-free trip even to winter sports resorts that will have time to clear the roads if there is no new snow. In the massifs, you can find snowy landscapes at an altitude of 1000-1200 m, because a very weak melting will not damage the beautiful snow cover that now covers all our mountains. In addition, you will reach high altitude resorts under the generous sun, even if it is in the plains, you sometimes risk driving under gray and hazy skies.

But be careful the weather forecast for Sunday becomes more uncertain : Due to the arrival of cold air from Germany, there may be a mix of low-altitude sleet in the east of our country on Sunday and Monday: this situation should be confirmed and, if present, will be significant from now on. ride up the mountain.

As for temperatures, they will drop again with the return of a small northeast flow, becoming seasonal again with fairly generalized morning frosts. This development is good news for maintaining beautiful snowpack and snowball operations at all elevations.

Good weather for the first week of the holiday

Contrary to initial forecasts, this weather condition is very good news for vacationers. Indeed, the first ten days of February will continue to be generally calm, with slightly below-average temperatures likely to allow snow to remain in the lower elevation mountains.

at sea, you will also have very pleasant weather, suitable for walking on the sand and even lazing in the sun, as the wind will be light. Mistral and tramontane could blow fairly regularly in the southeast, which is very unpleasant. In the village, the conditions will be very pleasant for walking and breathing fresh air. This type of weather, anticyclonic, will still continue with some of the usual negative aspects of this season: low and foggy clouds often in the morning in the plains and valleys, struggling to disperse in places. In Languedoc-Roussillon, the persistence of mild mistral and tramontane should limit your pleasant feelings.

Considering 10 weekends, this type of anticyclonic weather may continue to be quite cold but dry. In the mountains, the blue sky and the sun will last for a long time. Admittedly, there is no more fresh snow in the forecast, but the current thick coat will continue without any problems, especially as the overnight freeze and maximum temperatures remain fairly low.

At the end, This February school holidays are announced under the best auspices, at least for the first decade. The winter sports resorts are all covered in snow and will stay that way until Christmas. Looking ahead, the weather is expected to change slightly on February 15, which we will confirm in our next update on Friday.

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