Watch the January 31 holiday in RP!

There are many people in the old port in Marseille before the show starts

11:15 a.m.: January 31. Mass mobilization at oil refineries, many sites strike. Review of the situation in the field of petrochemicals in the afternoon

11:10: “It’s not just a problem of pensions, it’s a problem of wages, of society as a whole”, Sébastien Benoit, secretary general of the CGT des Chantiers de l’Atlantique”

11:05 am: After January 31, towards the next union date on Saturday?

11:00 a.m.: The demonstration in Le Havre is bigger than on January 19

10:50: a youth procession joins the demonstration in Rennes

10:45: 11,000 police and gendarmes. Darmanin calls for an important device for this holiday and mobilization day

10:40: Thousands of people at the start of the demonstration in Toulouse

10:40: Uckange (Moselle) electricians go on mass strike

10:30 a.m.: 31 Jan: Strengthen mobilization and anchor to base to set up recovery strike. Read Pablo Morao and Nathan Erderof’s editorial again

10:00 a.m.: Filtration dam at Châtillon technical center

9:30 a.m.: General Assembly in Roissy: “We will not withdraw the government with avalanche days”

9:00 a.m.: A very popular day off in the petrochemical industry

8:20 a.m.: Police crackdown on Hélène Boucher

8:00: As of January 19, several high schools in Paris, Rennes or Toulouse are closed this morning

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