Music, photography, theatre: our weekly outing picks

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Every week La Dépêche du Midi brings you a selection of unmissable walks and shows for the Tarn. Concerts, exhibitions, festivals… Good plans to consume without moderation.

A colorful program at Café Plùm

As always, this week the cafe lautrécois will be full of various meetings. It is hosting a screen debate on agricultural control on Wednesday, February 1. The evening will consist of two parts: a viewing of the documentary film “Gurban Paysan” and a debate accompanied by two professional speakers. ADMISSION IS FREE.

The weekend will open with an explosive energy concert on Friday, February 3rd. Mortelle Paillette offers original compositions colored by jazz, rock and lyrical singing over decidedly poetic texts. Finally, the 4th Saturday will be the meeting place of gourmands. An evening of ‘tart party’ to warm hearts and warm taste buds. Mandatory reservation.

Info: Café Plùm, Rue de Lengouzy in Lautrec – 05 63 70 83 30.

Sherlock Holmes investigates at the Castres theater

This adaptation of the Sherlock Holmes adventure was directed by Christophe Delort.
Castres Theatre

On Thursday at the Théâtre de Castres, three actors, ten characters (and a turkey) will immerse us in an investigation that is as exciting as it is eccentric. The first theatrical adaptation of Conan Doyle’s short story Sherlock Holmes and the Adventures of Blue Diamond puts the audience at the center of the action.

Famous detective and assistant Dr. Watson investigates the curious disappearance of a valuable article from a hotel room… Take part in this investigation full of all kinds of action and twists, all filled with delicious British humor.

Information: February 3 at 21:00 – 05 63 71 56 58.

Meetings of Autan de Blues

Music history will open the festival

Music history will open the festival “Les Bellies de coton”, which traces the history of Blues.

This Wednesday, February 1st, Lo Bolegason presents the 15th blues festival, Autan de blues. During four days, there will be concerts in several cities in the south of the department. A quality program with diverse aesthetics, well-known artists and free concerts: in short, it would be a shame to miss this unmissable winter event. Castres-Sidobre, Navès, Le Rond Point in Labruguière, Payrin-Augmontel, Lo Bolegason and the Noailhac Media Library are the stopping points of the festival. Visit the Bolegason website to discover the program.


#Génération(s) on the National Stage questions today’s youth

Generation(s) is aimed at all audiences.

Generation(s) is aimed at all audiences.

How to be in the world in this ultra-connected universe? What do today’s teenagers think about social issues that have passed down their generation like the #metoo movement, black lives matter, conspiracy theories, or even global warming? Which one sums up the thoughts of a teenager from Loser or Gothenburg?

Since 2018, Le Cri Dévot has been touring France and Europe to meet teenagers born after 2000 and from very different backgrounds. A reality theater that takes a good look at the questions, joys, and sufferings of today’s youth. Creativity to be discovered on the National Stage on Wednesday, February 1.

Information: February 1 at 7:30 p.m., Scène Nationale d’Albi – 05 63 38 55 56.

“The most caring Trampoline” exhibition or photography experience at Labruguière

Since January 2021, photographer Jean-Gabriel Lopez has multiple residencies in Labruguière. He came across the work of Arthur Batut, whose love for photographic practice reflected his work. The two men found each other over the decades that separate them around a common interest in experimentation and measurement.

Hosted at the Artur Trampoline Space of Photography until March 4th, the work of Jean-Gabriel López is juxtaposed with the work of renowned photographer Labruguièrois. With the creation of the trampoline as a common theme, Jean-Gabriel López is interested in the imperfections of the photographic device and offers us to discover a richly different series.

Info: Le Rond-Point Cultural Center in Labruguière – 05 63 82 10 60.

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