Meeting your favorite influencer will soon be possible, but with two conditions

News JVTech Meeting your favorite influencer will soon be possible, but with two conditions

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Since bringing thousands of users together in one place isn’t working, Meta is trying a different strategy: the company has launched “private worlds” within Horizon Worlds, specifically to allow influencers to build a community in VR. A way to welcome a new audience?

Even if it remains one of Mark Zuckerberg’s company Meta’s hobby horses, it must be admitted that The metaverse is in flux right now. Various recent studies have highlighted that the principle of the virtual world to be explored in VR is not crowd-pleasing: in particular, the case of GetApp, a software publisher based in Barcelona. Today, only 32% of French people can specifically explain what the metaverse is. 19% have never heard it, and 29% have heard the term before without understanding what it means.

Obviously, France is not the center of the world. However, to quickly understand this, all you have to do is connect to Horizon Worlds, a platform developed by Meta and accessible through the Meta Quest 2 helmet. enthusiasm is far from grounded. An almost empty virtual world is not attractive, but Meta continues to develop its services, clinging to the dream of Mark Zuckerberg. The company is now trying to trick influencersoffering them a new opportunity to reach out to their communities.

“Members-only worlds” to attract influencers

This week, meta search blog just announced Alpha testing of a new feature within Horizon Worlds. Allows users to create “members only worlds”. This offer differs from the already existing “personal space”, which allows each user to create a small private world to host their friends.

During alpha testing, a “members only world” It can host up to 150 registered members and up to 25 simultaneous visitors. The purpose of this proposal is quite clear: encourage influencers and other content creators to create a virtual world where their communities can invite themselves into virtual reality. Meta explains it “Creators can offer exclusive and personalized experiences” and even “offer exclusive access to VIP supporters”.

“By fully controlling who has access to their worlds, creators can consistently deliver a positive experience where people can connect and grow a strong and thriving community. Our goal is to put design in the hands of creators so they can fully create the experience they want to give to others.”Meta explains.

It might be possible to meet an influencer in VR, but…

The idea of ​​meta is quite interesting. Today, There are many communities that gather around the web identity, and they usually focus on discussion channels like Discord. Instead or in addition to using Horizon Worlds, a connection can be created between an influencer and their community a whole new dimension.

However, this implies two important conditions. This is the first one the influencer decides that the metaverse has real interest for him and his communityand therefore willing to invest time (and money!) in its creation “member world”.

Meeting your favorite influencer will soon be possible, but with two conditions

This is the second onesociety must respond. This means that its members have a suitable virtual reality headset, ideally the Meta Quest 2, currently priced at €449.99. Admittedly, such a device may have other purposes, especially video games, but Is it motivating enough to check it out?

With this test, Meta will obviously be testing the waters. The firm emphasizes that this is just the beginning of its approach, and emphasizes that Horizon will “Coming soon to web and mobile” : a way to make it clear that the concept that connects the metaverse to VR essentially goes beyond the need to reach a wider audience. It would be better for the company if influencers can also participate…

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