Insecurity and lawlessness in 2022: the first photo

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Statistical Service of the Ministers of Homeland Security (SSMSI)
Interstats Analysis n° 54, published on January 31, 2023

Almost all indicators of recorded crimes in France increased in 2022 compared to the previous year. These increases continue those seen before the health crisis for homicide, assault and battery, sexual assault and fraud recorded by the police and gendarmerie. Thus, the reported number of victims of assault and battery (of people aged 15 or older) will increase sharply in 2022 (+15%, followed by +12% in 2021). The increase for registered victims of domestic violence (+17%) is slightly higher for victims of other intentional assaults and injuries (+14%). The increase is also very clear for the number of registered victims of sexual violence (+11% in 2022, after +33% in 2021). The number of victims of registered fraud is increasing significantly (+8% in 2022).

Recorded crime rates for non-violent burglary, burglary, vehicle theft, vehicle theft and vehicle accessory theft increased significantly in 2022, after falling sharply during the health crisis. All these indicators remain lower than before the crisis. except for the theft of car accessories. Thus, after stability in 2021 and a very sharp decline in 2020 (-20% and -13% respectively), the health crisis related to Covid-19, home burglary (+11%) and car theft (+9%) in the context of ) increases sharply in 2022. Burglaries without violence against people, which increased in 2021, theft from vehicles and theft of car accessories, increase sharply in 2022 (+14%, +9% and +30%, respectively).

The changes in the indicators for armed robbery, violent robbery and recorded voluntary destruction and damage are more modest. After a slight decrease (-2%) in 2021, armed robbery increases slightly in 2022 (+2%). Voluntary destruction and damage will increase very slightly in 2022 (+1%), as in 2021. The number of recorded unarmed violent robberies decreased (-4%) in 2022, continuing a steady decline that began in 2013.

Finally, in the fight against drugs, after a sharp increase in 2021 in the context of the introduction of fixed criminal fines, the number of people accused of drug use increased again very significantly in 2022 (+13%, after +38% in 2021) . ). The number of drug-trafficking defendants registered in 2022 is also increasing (+4%, after +13% in 2021).

At the national level, sharp increases in premeditated assault and sexual assault within or outside the family context, and the theft of accessories from registered vehicles, were found in almost all districts or departments. Nevertheless, some departments make a strong contribution to the national evolutions of certain indicators, notably Paris and Seine-Saint-Denis for a decrease in unarmed violent robberies, Bouches-du-Rhône for an increase in vehicle thefts and the North for an increase in the theft of car accessories.

About ISMS:

Within the Ministry of Internal Affairs, SSMSI is a statistical service responsible for internal security related to both the national police and the gendarmerie. INSEE and 15 other ministries together with statistical services form the state statistical service coordinated by INSEE.

Established at the end of 2014, the mission of SSMSI is to prepare statistics and analyzes related to internal security and law violations and present them to the general public and the services of the Ministry. Like other members of the official statistical service, it adheres to a certain number of rules aimed at maintaining confidence in the data produced and disseminated, in particular professional independence, reliability, neutrality, quality of processes, robust methodology, accessibility. Its work program is subject to consultation with all users within the National Council for Statistical Information (Cnis). Its activity is evaluated by the Official Statistics Agency (ASP).

All SSMSI publications are available and can be downloaded online from its website.

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