“I’m less self-absorbed”

Anne Marivin is against Miss France, but retouches her photos: “I am less indifferent to myself.” (Photo by Sylvain Lefevre/Getty Images)

On Tuesday, January 31, 2023, Anne Marivin celebrated her 49th birthday in the poster of the new M6 series “Life, love, immediately” on TF1. As for her appearance, the actress nevertheless fights against the dictates of beauty imposed on women. In particular, she opened up about what she thought about the Miss France pageant.

Anne Marivin started in show business in 1993, at the age of 19, and now she has a 30-year career. Known for his roles in the films “Podium”, “Chouchou” or “Bienvenue chez les Ch’tis”, he is also very present on the small screen, especially in the series “Ten percent”, “Rebecca”, “Visions”. , even “Life, love, immediately.” But like all actresses her age, she knows this well: roles are limited for women over fifty, and this deeply irritates her.

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Madness against the dictates of beauty

In an interview with Télé Star, the actress talked about the “healthy” side that allowed her to get deeper roles in the past years: “Physics are our tools and I’m not going to scare myself to look more. I knew in my 20s that I’m not just a pretty creature, but others are not.(…) What is good for me is getting old, because the years pass, I am freeing myself from it, and I know exactly what I am.” Relief for the actress, who told the Parisian: “I accidentally thought that I was always the same beautiful they will offer the roles of little blondes, I will not cross the glass ceiling.”

On the other hand, she believes that there is a real problem in the acceptance of women in the world of show business: “There is still a problem with the postmenopausal woman in cinematography and television, as if she has passed the age of 50-55. We were worn out! However, there is much to live up to. I’m optimistic: now many women are writing and directing, and they will take advantage of this.”

He suffered from his “beautiful face”.

If aging has been a blessing for Anne Marivin, it is also because of her beauty. As she told DHnet, her “girl-next-door” physique has damaged her career: “I was a victim of my beautiful face, too smooth for some, not that interesting.” “It’s been a long road because I looked young for a long time. I was often told I was too smooth. But I’ve moved on and it’s been useful in my life to mature and approach things differently.” told TF1.

As a result, he made a choice in terms of roles so as not to fall into the “pretty face” category: “I often had series offers, but I always refused because I was too afraid to commit to something. In the end, I was wrong, because exploring a character and a story (in the series “Rebecca”, editor’s note) I was very excited to find time for it. It’s rare because I’m very demanding, but I’m proud of the result here.” And to conclude: “The older I get, the more confident I feel playing characters that are far removed from me.”

Difficulty being kind to oneself

In her fight against the dictates of beauty, Anne Marivin has not hesitated to oppose the Miss France 2021 pageant, criticizing the show for its apparent lack of body diversity: “I see that there is no more room for this pageant,” she confirmed to TV Mag before qualifying : “Or they will have to modernize it. They apply too many codes and standards that are no longer relevant to the society we live in. That is, we need to allow young women with different body types to participate. Beauty standards are no longer what they were in the 1960s. We have different physiques. women are needed”. Because, although the rules of the competition have evolved, the silhouettes of the participants generally remain the same.

However, the actress is aware of this: she herself has not completely gotten rid of her complexes. Proof: she retouches her photos and approves without pretending. “It’s me. I’m less self-absorbed,” she admits. Although on his side, it proves that the road is far from over.

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