Discover the unique characteristics of these cats

Cats are amazing and beautiful animals that can be found in many homes. They are not all created equal and some cat breeds are very special and unique.

What are the characteristics that make a cat purebred? What are the characteristics of purebred cats? This is what we will discover in this article.

What is a purebred cat?

according to International Feline FederationA purebred cat is a cat that has fairly specific characteristics, inherited from a generation and registered within a cat. The Book of Origins of Cats (LOOF) or cat association recognized by the organization.

These features are the result of a carefully planned and controlled process judgesexperts who carefully observe the characteristics sought for each breed.

Purebred cats are mainly created from genetic selections made by breeders for specific traits such as coat color, size, body shape, eyes and even behavior.

Different types of purebred cats

Today, there are more than 70 cat breeds recognized by the International Federation of Cats (FIFe), some of which are very popular, while others are more rare.

bengal cat

They are the most popular breeds maine coonthe British Shorthairthe Chartreuxthe Sphinxthe Farsithe Siamesethe Bengalithe ragdollthe Ragamuffin. Each has its own unique characteristics.

For example :

  • The Maine Coon is a very popular breed and is highly regarded for its prominent whiskers reminiscent of lions.
  • The British Shorthair has a gentle and calm personality and is known for its thick, silky coat.
  • The Chartreux is a hardy breed with dense, thick fur to keep them warm in the winter.
  • The Sphynx is known for its short, smooth fur.
  • The Persian is very famous for its long, silky coat.
  • The Siamese has a playful personality and is known for the contrast between its white fur and blue eyes.
  • The Bengal is an intelligent and active breed distinguished by its spotted coat.

Benefits of owning a purebred cat

There are many advantages to owning a purebred cat. First of all, purebred cats are more resistant to disease because they are held to strict standards, which means they are given the best care.

In addition, they are well socialized as they were bred for show, making them great companions for families with children.

Another advantage of owning a purebred cat is that it quickly adopts habits similar to those of its owner.
Cats are generally very adaptable, but purebred cats are more adaptable than others. In addition, since they are bred to specific standards, they are easier to train than other cats.

Understand the value of getting a purebred cat

The cost of acquiring a purebred cat can vary significantly depending on the rarity of the breed, the age of the cat, the quality of the show and the reputation of the seller.

such as rare breeds Bengali where ragdoll can be spent Up to €2000 while the more common breeds like maine coon where British Shorthair can be spent Between €500 and €1000.

bengal cat
bengal cat

Purebred cats are rare and can be very expensive depending on their purity. Some cats can sell for thousands of dollars.

Additional costs such as veterinary costs (vaccines, neutering), buying a suitable litter or buying accessories (litter, cat trees, toys, etc.) should also be taken into account.

Physical characteristics of purebred cats

All purebred cats have specific physical characteristics that make them unique.

Some breeds have long or short hair, while others have no hair at all. Some breeds have very long or very short tails, while others do not. Some breeds have triangular or pointed ears, while others have rounded or bent ears.

Hair color is also an important feature.

Russian blue cat
Russian blue cat

Common colors include white, grey, red and black, but some breeds may have more exotic colors such as lavender, chocolate and blue.

Eye color is also an important feature

angora cat with strange eyes
angora cat with strange eyes

Common colors include green, blue, yellow and amber, but some breeds may also have bars, meaning each eye has a different color.

Behavioral characteristics of purebred cats

Behavioral characteristics purebred cats can vary significantly.

Some breeds are known to be very calm and quiet, while others can be very active and playful. Some breeds are known to be very gentle and loving, while others can be more independent. You should consider these differences when choosing a cat.

Note that some cat breeds need mental and physical activity to stay healthy.

For example, some cats like to hunt or swim. Others enjoy climbing or playing interactive games like mazes or ball games. To ensure its health and happiness, you need to give your cat the opportunity to have fun and engage its body and mind.

The care that purebred cats need

Purebred cats are needed special care. They should be fed according to their breed, combed regularly to remove dead hair and vaccinated on a set schedule.

Some cats need special attention to their eyes or ears, while others may need regular bathing to keep their coat in good condition.

Purebred cats should also be checked by a veterinarian regularly to make sure they are healthy.

Genetic testing can be done to check that they do not suffer from certain hereditary conditions common to certain breeds. These tests can help identify inherited conditions before they become serious.

In summary, purebred cats they are beautiful animals that provide us with an infinite number of unique physical and behavioral traits. Caring for a purebred cat requires special attention to keep it healthy and happy.

If you have or are thinking of getting a purebred cat, I urge you to be patient and consider everything mentioned here to keep your pet happy and healthy.

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