Despite his defeat, Meta continues to believe in the metaverse and announces a new experiment – Business AM

For now, the new experience Meta offers in Horizon Worlds is only available to a small number of users.

Why is this important?

It’s no secret that Meta had a particularly rough year in 2022. The company has lost more than 60% of its market value due to several factors: inflation, rising interest rates, increased competition, loss of user interest, etc. But the change that Meta initiated by making the metaverse a priority caused investors to lose faith, cooled by poor initial user feedback. However, it is a good sign that the company is continuing its efforts to improve its platform.

News: Mark Zuckerberg’s company Horizon Worlds has announced new areas within its social virtual reality platform.

  • These new zones consist of worlds reserved for a select community of users.
    • They differ from public spaces and private spaces where everyone is welcome.

Detail: members-only areas are limited to at least 150 members and 25 simultaneous visitors until now.

  • In a blog post, Meta suggests that these new worlds could be useful for bringing together reading groups, games, or even for creators to offer VIP space to their fans, or even just a hangout for friends or family.
  • “By fully controlling who can visit their worlds, creators can consistently provide a positive experience where people can connect and grow a strong and thriving community,” writes Meta. “Our goal is to put design in the hands of creators so they can fully create the experience they want to give to others. »

“Each community develops its own social norms, etiquette and rules over time as it develops its own culture. To ensure this, we’ll provide tools for creators of members-only worlds to set rules for their communities and maintain those rules for their closed spaces. Creators can choose whether to share their moderation responsibilities with other members of the trust group and whether to allow members to travel the world without a creator or moderator. Everyone will still have the ability to report worlds to Meta and report behavior that violates our Code of Conduct for Virtual Experiences.”


An image reminiscent of Facebook groups. Meta is actually trying to transfer that experience – and user engagement in particular – to its new platform, which today is still struggling to convince users – and not only.

Note : currently only a small percentage of Horizon Worlds users can create and develop these new worlds. This new experience is still in the testing phase.

  • Through a “small trusted group of creators,” Meta hopes to receive constructive feedback to improve the design and moderation of members-only worlds before a more global rollout.

It contains ambitions

This new experience shows that Meta has not given up on the metaverse and still intends to make Horizon Worlds, or a future platform, the virtual reality social network of tomorrow. But to get there, Mark Zuckerberg’s company will have to make efforts to make it more accessible by offering a web version as well as a mobile version.

  • A project still in development and still expected to arrive “soon”, Meta promises, but the question is when?
  • It’s easy to imagine that the company diverted some of its team to improving the current version of Horizon Worlds after the initial feedback from users and their lack of long-term loyalty.

We’ll also note some of its efforts to improve avatar moderation and physics, but the overall experience currently on offer remains fairly limited, even disappointing to some. The arrival of reserved seats for members could be a tipping point.

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