Bozouls: Inforsud Technologies, IT and digital transformation expert for 35 years

Digitization, backup and data security, headquartered in Bozouls, but also Albi and Toulouse, IT and digital transformation expert Inforsud Technologies has been supporting businesses and communities in Occitanie for more than thirty-five years.

If there is one business sector that is changing rapidly and continuously, it is digital. In the 1980s, Inforsud mainly assembled computers.
Today, the Bozoulaise company responds to cross-functional uses: still workstation equipment, but also servers, hosting, networks and systems, business applications, storage, management tools (commercial, production, accounting and finance, payroll, etc.) IT security (antivirus, firewall, etc.), outsourcing / service contracts.

Constant innovation

“The majority of our customers do not have their own IT services. We are there to support them in all their IT, digital and digital use locally and on a daily basis,” concludes the company’s general manager Audrey Girmens.
A vital role that involves keeping abreast of all the news and updates in a sector that is constantly renewing itself, it needs to be done well. “With our national partners such as Microsoft, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) or Cisco, and through clusters and associations that federate, guide and support industry players, we carry out important monitoring work on the general and specialized press. Like Sismic in Rodez and Digital 113 in Toulouse. We regularly discuss best practices and also identify innovative start-ups”, explains Audrey Girmens, giving the example of a small Toulouse company creating an anti-spam solution.

“We are not creating a software solution, but we are looking for the best partners to provide a complete and quality service to our customers. And if this partner is local, it is even better, because it allows us to have more direct contact. and therefore more sensitivity. “

In Occitania, Inforsud Technologies’ customers are local authorities and businesses. “We take care of the entire base of workstation, servers, network… a wide variety of business software can be added.” Inforsud Technologies manages computer equipment for schools, as well as new tools for mobile classrooms or interactive video projectors. “We install equipment, train teams in these new digital uses, and provide maintenance. Ten years ago, few sites were equipped with fiber. Today, we manage to solve a certain number of problems remotely, but the evolution is done on site, and we meet users, answer their questions. and we take the opportunity to provide them with some tips and best practices.”

Promote cyber security

Information technology is a strategic tool for businesses, and cybercrime has evolved significantly in recent years, with attacks as spectacular as they are unpredictable and increasingly sophisticated, leading to data theft or systems paralysis. Limiting risks, being proactive rather than reactive is the leitmotif of Inforsud Technologies, which conducts “evangelism” with its customers. Audrey Girmens says: “We communicate a lot on our social networks, organizing webinars in collaboration with Seismic and Pôle emploi to raise awareness. Three years ago we created a cyber security unit made up of experts from the world of networks and systems. They carry out audits, penetration tests and They offer pragmatic and cost-effective solutions to improve the security of SMEs and local authorities. As many devices are connected to networks, it is difficult or impossible to operate. Good backup, antivirus and firewall, it is basic and not too expensive.”

Inforsud Technologies has a revenue of 6 million euros in 2022. Longer delivery times with electronic components blocked for several months in Taiwan or China and more sick leaves due to the Covid epidemic affected the year.
The year ended on a positive note for the company with the receipt of an approved level of CSR-related label issued by Afnor. When Audrey Girmens is asked what her projects are for 2023, she lists continuing events, employee training and certification, accelerating cloud technology, strengthening cyber security, dematerialization and networking. system experts. On good terms.

In numbers

1985 – History of Inforsud Diffusion, now called Inforsud Technologies. Although Caisse Quercy was created by Rouergue and is still a subsidiary of Crédit Agricole Nord Midi-Pyrénées, the company does not only work for the banking sector.
In the intervention area, which is Occitanie, most of the 380 customers are private companies and local authorities.

70 – This is the number of employees employed by Inforsud Technologies at its three locations in Beauzouls, Albi and Toulouse. In addition to traditional support services (accounting, human resources and marketing), there are profiles at all levels, from hotline technicians through team projects and developers to service technicians and consultants.

2009 – This is the date Audrey Girmens joined Inforsud Technologies. Originally from the former Languedoc-Roussillon region, he studied at the National Institute of Telecommunications in Paris, where he worked for more than a decade. When her husband got a position at the IUT in Rodez, she became head of information management and then head of networks and systems at Inforsud before taking over as general manager in 2016.

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