An incredible final ovation for the Rumbleverse from February 28th is all about shutting down the servers

No one expected and yet Rumbleverse will be closed soon. Tom Henderson, a famous journalist who had very good information a few hours ago addressed the topic on Twitter and is now endorsed by Epic Games Publishing and Iron Galaxy Studios Closing servers for Battle-Royale Rumbleverse soon, next February 28.

It went as quickly as it came

On January 31st, the game’s official account posted a tweet accompanied by a lengthy blog post to make the announcement. The end of Battle-Royale support was announced in December 2021 and started last August, just 6 months ago. The reasons for this hasty closure are not clear, but given the budget allocated to this new type of Battle-Royale, which has a certain appeal in wanting to offer a different game to finish the game, it may seem surprising. The offer is held by the hunter Fortnite and its billions in revenue.

In a blog post on the official website, the developers were able to express themselves as follows: “Season 2 will be the last for the Rumbleverse. This project was the result of passionate work to create an unprecedented experience in a popular and highly competitive gaming genre. » By that we mean it the game apparently failed to find a large enough audience to turn a profitdespite having an active community and frequent and highly appreciated updates.

The kit is still struggling to reach teams, and with all in-game purchases made after launch being paid progressively, the current battle pass being free, experience points doubling, it may seem surprising that this closure is so fast. update available now to speed up unlocking stages to take advantage of the last moments, as well as closing the store permanently, making all game modes (except Snowball Battle) available, and bringing the rest of the content developed so far.

On a positive note, before the servers shut down, “Discounters will have more live streaming to play with and allow them to pull back the curtain as we share behind-the-scenes stories about the creative process that built the city.”simply to allow teams to welcome players who have relied on them in recent months.

Alongside the blog post published on the game’s official website, you can also find an open letter from Iron Galaxy Studios on the studio’s official website, expressing their (surprising) thanks to the game’s players. short life. They express this especially “for years [ils ont] he dreamed of a city full of people fighting to become champions. [Ils se sont] tried to create a dynamic space that celebrates the spirit of competition. [Leur] the goal was to bring joy to online multiplayer gaming.”

We’ll no doubt have more behind the scenes of this early and hasty ending soon. It’s also an opportunity to remember that this isn’t the first failure of a studio already in the works Don’t disappear in particular, it was a rather chaotic launch in its time. There is still hope as they announce that we may see each other again Rumbleverse In another form, they hope one day, at least, before moving on to other projects.

This should be remembered Rumbleverse it had a rather complicated end to its development and online release, with delays and server stability issues, recurring problems with this type of game these days. If you were a fan Rumbleverse, enjoy your last moments, as we remind you, the game will close its servers on February 28. The game should be removed from online stores within a few hours/days, but remains available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S for now.

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