Media education. Julien Pain, disinformation hunter

He has been working on “fake news” for fifteen years. First as a journalist at France 24, 4 years as editor-in-chief of France Info program “Vrai ou Fake”. He is participating in a media education tour to France, organized by France Télévisions, which is taking place today in Rennes. He told us about his fears about fake news, but also about the solutions available.

Julien Pain does not mince words when talking about the risks posed by fake news.

“Tsunami, I see it coming, he said coldly. Thanks to social networks, false information and conspiratorial posts, comments or videos are proliferating all over the world. he continues.

Although we have known this to be a reality since ancient times, technologies have evolved and are accelerating the movement. They affect more people.

There is clearly a distrust of experts

Julien Bread

Editor-in-Chief of “True or False” at Franceinfo

video length: 44 sec

Interview with Julien Pain for Media and Information Education Days

©Benoit Thibaut / Romuald Bonnant

is added that “More people no longer believe the words of experts and elites. They even question it.” Among them, there are young generations who are used to surfing social networks, along with the elderly

A recent survey conducted on behalf of the IFOP polling institute The Reboot Foundation and the Jean-Jaurès Foundation took the temperature of young people to measure their vulnerability to scientific lies about their use of social networks.

The finding is shocking: 16% of 18-24 year olds agree that the Earth is flat. Young people who say they get information mainly from YouTube, Tik-Tok or Telegram.

For Julien Pain, “In these days of media education, it’s important because we, as parents and teachers, are talking about prescriptions.” And adds “It requires a global effort” of the whole society.

Day after day, in the “Vrai ou fake” show on Franceinfo, he tracks down false information with 5 other journalists. “We’re tracking more data that affects more people.” With one main goal: “Knock off some of this false information that abounds on the web and needs to be curbed.”

Today’s menu includes a video from Ukraine and comments from the government on the challenges and pension reform

Julien Bread

Editor-in-Chief of “True or False” franceinfo

This is a daily routine. Two files were selected on the menu for this morning’s editorial conference for Franceinfo. “We are working on a video published in the Russian media, which shows that the Ukrainian army forcibly recruits young people to overcome the lack of conscripts.” He also elaborates on the other issue raised by the government. “We will also examine what ministers say about the challenges of pension reform.”

Because the word of politicians is one of the most suspicious elements. “When politicians express themselves on TV, they control their communication, but when they post on social networks, there is more false information.”

video length: 53 sec

Interview with Julien Pain for Media and Information Education Days

©Romuald Bonnant / Benoit Thibout

He cites several supporting examples. “We’ve seen a politician make a meatball saying SNCF has been privatized, we’ve even seen politicians retweeting false information, and elected officials openly manipulating the networks to fit their narrative message.”.

Media education, which this public service journalist considers essential for the French Television group. “We have a mission to check the facts or the words of politicians, for example, otherwise we have TRUMP.” For that, you need to know how to distinguish between opinion and fact.

This fake news hunter has been watching events unfold for fifteen years “more harmful”. Because technology is changing and “Allows you to manipulate images”. Thank you especially Software for creating so-called “Deepfakes”.. It specifies: “You have to do technical checks on the picture, you have to make phone calls to check, but today it’s more complicated.”

These fake pictures, these fake videos using increasingly simple software will proliferate. For him “It’s still complicated to make this deep fake news, but that’s for sure… let’s go!”

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