In Avignon, the event will depart from the Saint-Bénézet bridge at 10.30 am

Unions are calling for a new day of mobilization against pension reform this Tuesday, January 31. In Avignon, the event will depart from the Saint-Bénézet esplanade at the foot of the Avignon bridge at 10:30 am. The first day of mobilization took place on January 19 Up to 15,000 people in Avignon
according to trade unions.

Traffic disruptions in Vaucluse

The strike movement against pension reform promises to be very popular again on transport this Tuesday. Plans Orizo in Avignon “violent riots” on trams and buses.

SNCF says that traffic on trains will also be severely disrupted. On average, only two out of 10 trains will run on the TER network, and only one out of two trains will run on the Southeast axis for TGVs.

My France: Saving energy

A general increase in living costs, the risk of electricity or gas shortages, extreme climate events: these crises disrupt our daily lives, change our lifestyles, push us to outline new horizons. To respond to these challenges, France Bleu and are launching a major citizen consultation on energy conservation. Stop by these solutions and offer your own!

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