“FO has a policy of not punishing citizens”

Pensions: are trade unions at risk of radicalisation? Jean-Baptiste Konieczny, Secretary General of the Hauts-de-France Force Ouvrière (FO), was the guest of Jean-Jacques Bourdin on “Parlons Vrai chez Bourdin” on Radio Sud on January 30.

For ten days, some federations have shown their intention to block the country with targeted actions against the pension reform. Some unions tend to be radicalized, while others are more cautious.

Parlons Vrai at Bourdin – Scholarships: “FO has a policy of not punishing citizens”

What is planned for Tuesday 31 January for the second day of national holidays and mobilization? “Some unions opted for targeted blackouts, but not the FO“, Jan-Baptiste Konieczny explains.”Apart from energy, the FO has a policy of not penalizing citizens, he assures. Those who pick up their children from school or go to work. If some trade unions want to take drastic measures, we think that everyone should stay at home“.

We have decided to mobilize to inform the FO, Jean-Baptiste Konieczny explains. We carry out daily events to inform citizens about the reform. We do not want to punish citizens by cutting off electricity, nor do we want to lay off companies that may be in trouble tomorrow.“.”We also do not want to close the railway tracks. People have to move, we don’t want to alienate them“.

“FO doesn’t want to go on leap holidays”

Is national mobilization every 10-15 days enough? “Today, we are experiencing great difficulty with inflation that the citizen has to pay for. The worker will eventually be able to take a day or two off, but there are bills to pay… It will debilitate.“, believes Jean-Baptiste Konieczny.”FO does not want to go on leap holidays, ie every 8 days. Tomorrow evening, the national inter-union will decide on the prosecution“. Secretary General Force Ouvrière (FO) Hauts-de-France awaits mobilization “at least equal to, or even superior to, the latter“.

Should we mobilize on weekends? “We tried to mobilize over the weekend, but the problem is that we barely talk about you. We have a communication problem! If you show it on Sunday, you will get 10 seconds in TF1 newspaper. If we achieve great mobilization at the national level in all departments, we will speak about us there“As for vacations on holidays, “it is elegant. For people who are struggling to make ends meet, we don’t want to stop them from taking a little time off.“.

“We are on the right track to deliver the government”

For us, a holiday is a failure“, assures Jan-Baptiste Konieczny.”If we come to this place, it is because we do not know how to speak. The government does not want to go back to the 64th birthday, there will be a freeze as there will be gridlock“.”Life expectancy in Hauts-de-France is 3 years below the national level. Starting at age 64, a retiree will live 11 years after a full career. There is a big problem, retirement is the time to enjoy life and take care of grandchildren“. But according to him,”IThe elections are in our favor, we are on the right track to hand over the government“.

FO and other organizations have made proposals to the government. But we are not heard, we are not listened to. Even here, unemployment is falling. 1% less unemployment is huge, that means contributions coming in! If tomorrow we have 3% less unemployment, we have solved the problem!“You shouldn’t prolong the work for him, you should encourage him.”And accompany himespecially for the elderly.

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