Cotentin. Dramatic road accident: teenager killed by ‘crazy’ driver

A Dragon 50 helicopter was required to transport the seriously injured young victim during the incidents. (©DP)

Sideville (Manche), the June 16, 2022at 9:35 p.m RD 650“tourist route”, a frontal collision It resulted in the death of a 22-year-old young man who got between two vehicles.

The cases it was contacted during the hearings Tuesday, January 24, 2023 before Judges of Cherbourg who was to judge young person’s responsibility WHO drove the car What caused the accident?

Driving like an “idiot”.

The age of the suspect, who is 22 years old, somehow became his victim. The guy is a speedster. He was behind the wheel of a Mazda, driving in a sporty style. It was right-hand drive, which for him had the advantage of being cheaper: “€3,000 instead of €10,000 for left-hand drive,” he said. But one disadvantage: lack of vision overtaking a vehicle.

It’s the way It is limited to 80 km/h. This is not a problem for the young man. “I regularly ride like crazy,” he said to the gendarmes after the accident. He knows it white lines it is not an obstacle for him speed limits. On the RD 650, he had already signaled himself by sticking a “c…” to the car in front of him.

“They put me back in my place”

Then, increasing his speed, he began to overtake the other. “They put me back in my seat,” recalled his passenger, who was surprised by the speed of the acceleration. His steering wheel was on the right, so it was inconspicuous, and despite the white stripe, he fell red from the car in front of him.

“I thought there was no one, I knew it was forbidden. A Peugeot came at normal speed ahead, a 22-year-old at the wheel. The impact was terrible, two cars were destroyed. He and his passenger were in the Mazda injured.

The victim was starting his professional life…

On the contrary, it was a drama. He took it to remove a seriously injured young driver tries to save him. L’Dragon 50 helicopter rushed him to the Cotentin Hospital Center in Cherbourg. But he a significant internal bleeding.

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At the court hearing, Mom he drew a sober portrait of the dead young man with restrained feelings, accompanied by her husband, holding a picture of his son. “He was mischievous, mom said, he loved cats, he loved life. As a teenager, he was looking for himself, he wanted to be architect. As a young adult, he was protective, honest. He started his professional life. He was a young man full of dreams. He was 22 years old and his life was ahead of him. He was killed on the road by someone who took the road as a game.”

Two and a half years in prison is required

There was an accused person there have already been accidents. Once he lost control because he was driving too fast on a curve. The car turned around, there were three passengers on board. He had been orally three times for speeding and crossing the white line. This did not calm him down.

Your file and reactions vibrate in your mind.


In the Sideville accident, he was driving in slippers, the Mazda’s tires were slippery. He never did that gray card replacement. He is only interested in speed. “You understand danger from your behavior? The judge calls him. “Before, no, now yes. “So you have to get someone’s death to get in line!” »

The requirements of deputy prosecutor it was rude. The judge asked the court to sentence the young man to 48 months in prison without the possibility of commutation, with 18 months suspended, meaning two and a half years in prison, which means he will be jailed if convicted.

Please his license should be canceled and he should be authorized to retake the tests only after 4 years. Three fines € 135 each is also offered: speeding, crossing the white line and according to the condition of your car. On February 7 on purpose.

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