10 series photos from 1993 that will age you

Although the year 2023 is well established, the editorial board Seriously This selection of photos from the 1993 series invites you to go back 30 years. Dr. Quinn and The nanny from hell on our screens, even in the years of AB Productions on TF1, old age begins at 3… 2… 1… at work!

Dr. Quinn, female doctor hit the screens


On January 1, 1993, the American television channel CBS aired the pilot television film Dr. Quinn, female doctor. An opportunity for the audience to meet someone who would later become a true icon of the small screen: Michaela Quinn, played by Jane Seymour. Very quickly, success is in the meeting and in the series Dr. Quinn then it is activated. It ran for six seasons, 150 episodes, and ended on May 16, 1998.

Heather Locklear was saving the show Melrose Place

Heather Locklear, Amanda Woodward, Melrose Place


Aired on American television in the summer of 1992, Melrose Place was not an immediate success with audiences. Indeed, it is necessary to wait for the middle of the first season, or rather the arrival of actress Heather Locklear in the role of Amanda Woodward, that soap opera finds its audience. Called to help by producer Aaron Spelling, the star first appeared in episode 21 of season 1. Melrose Place, was offered on January 27, 1993 on the American network FOX. He was only supposed to stay for four episodes just to increase the show’s audience, but he eventually became one of the main characters of the soap opera and remained until the final episode, which aired on May 24, 1999, after seven stints. seasons Drama.

Friends there was none, and the Americans only had eyes Seinfeld

seinfeld series


We have to wait until 1994 Friends In 1993, another sitcom of friends comes to the screens on American television: Seinfeld. After a rocky start, the series co-created and starring Jerry Seinfeld is gradually finding its audience. And for good reason, its fourth season airs around that time, drawing an average of 20 million viewers per episode. Despite its great popularity across the Atlantic, Seinfeld He was never able to win over the French public.

Helen and the Boys was the most popular sitcom on French television

Helene and the boys, Benedicte, Adeline

© AB Productions

Who says 1993 Dorothy Club and AB Productions sitcoms on French television. So at that time, millions of viewers were eagerly watching the adventures of Hélène Girard (Hélène Rollès) and her group of friends in the extremely popular film. Helen and the Boys, launched on TF1 just over a year ago. But not only since then First Kisses or Honey and bees is also highly appreciated. The production company and the chain decided to continue riding the wave and released the series in 1993. The Girls Next Door.

The whole world knew Walker, Texas Ranger

Texas Ranger Walker


It was on April 21, 1993 that the American CBS channel started the series. Walker, Texas Ranger Starring Chuck Norris as Sergeant Cordell Walker. In France, the series only dropped to TF1 until 1995, with equally successful results. Walker Texas Ranger It ran for nine seasons for a total of 203 episodes and premiered on CBS on May 19, 2001.

The last episode West coast was broadcast

West Coast, Karen McKenzie, Michele Lee


The monument to American television ended in 1993, or rather on May 13 of that year, when the final episode of the series was shown. West coast. Intended as a Mythic spin-off dallasThe series, created by David Jacobs, after 14 seasons and 344 episodes on CBS, slowly separated from its “big sister” and cut off its head.

Series The Simpsons It was in its 4th season

The Simpsons series, bart


The animated series, which was first broadcast on December 17, 1989, on the American FOX channel, quickly gained great popularity among viewers. Updated annually, The Simpsons It was in its entirety for season 4 in 1993… which isn’t making us any younger knowing it was just renewed for seasons 35 and 36.

Scully met Mulder as a pilot X files

scully, mulder, pilot, x-files


An important anniversary in the history of the series is about to see the light of day since 2023 X files will celebrate its 30th anniversary. 12 million Americans attended the meeting between Dana Scully and Fox Mulder in the pilot episode broadcast on September 10, 1993 on the FOX channel. The beginning of a beautiful and long story both between the two heroes played by Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny, and between the series X files and the public.

Teri Hatcher was released to the general public Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman

teri Hatcher, Lois Lane, Lois and Clark new adventures of superman


Long before he gave his features to Susan Mayer Desperate HousewivesTeri Hatcher made a name for herself thanks to her role as Lois Lane – alongside Dean Cain aka Clark Kent. Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. The series will celebrate its thirtieth anniversary in 2023, with its first original broadcast on September 12, 1993.

Fran Fine is hired as a nanny (from hell) in Sheffield

fran fine, maxwell sheffield, first episode, nanny


The last photo of our selection and not the least. Because yes, iconic exactly thirty years ago The nanny from hell landed on television screens! It was on November 3, 1993 that Fran Fine was hired by Maxwell Sheffield to be his children’s governess in front of 15 million viewers on CBS. By the way, did you know that the series was almost canceled after its first season? Unbelievable, but true, considering Miss Fine’s popularity in the world today…

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