GDC: VR developers now want to focus on Meta Quest 2 and PSVR 2

How is the VR industry evolving? That’s the question GDC tries to answer through its annual survey.. Recall that Game Developers Conference As the name suggests, it’s the world’s largest video game conference for our developer friends.

At least 2,300 respondents took part in the “” survey. The State of the Gaming Industry “. It starts with identification VR and AR game state, shows the rest is still far from outgrowing its ‘niche’ status. General interest in virtual reality and augmented reality has waned somewhatalso counts as a request fewer VR/AR projects than last year.

Interest in VR and AR has waned slightly:

GDC Survey 2023 Platforms of Interest 860x891

Indeed, in the world of video games, 23% of participants are interested in VR headsets. VR is ahead, gaining some ground in the table android of Google. Despite this, compared to his survey, his interest drops from 24% to 23% GDC from last year. Augmented reality also drops a notch and ends up at 12%.

Only 12% and 5% of respondents say they have an immersive media project in the works.

Currently, 12% is developing for virtual reality and only 5% for AR. Overall, 38% of respondents said they were or would be involved in developing VR or AR games.

The Meta Quest 2 is the most popular VR headset, followed by the PlayStation VR 2:

GDC Survey 2023 Interesting VR AR Platforms 860x711

Neither the Pico 4 nor its subsidiary’s other VR headsets ByteDance does not appear in the ratings. according to GDConly a few developers said they were developing games pico.

As you can see, Meta Quest 2 remains the most popular headset (39%), PSVR 2 is highly anticipated (35%), PCVR is stable, the new Meta Quest Pro mixed reality headset is on par with the HTC Vive Valve index it remains in third place, gaining one more percentage point compared to the previous year. On the other hand, Pico 4 and other headphones of the brand are quite invisible.

GDC Survey 2023 VR Plattform upcoming Games will be released in 860x579 format

PCVR headsets seem a bit more interesting to developers than last year. The Valve Index (11%) and HTC Vive (15%) also gained 3 percentage points each from last year’s assessment when it came to what platform respondents’ next project would be on.

Even the discontinued Oculus Rift(S) surprisingly holds its own at the top.Losing just 3 points to reach 10%, That’s a pretty good sign for the PCVR world, which we think is clearly on the decline. Rift S is no longer in production, no developer will specifically target it.

Two VR headsets are currently in the limelight, and they are the Meta Quest 2 and the PlayStation VR 2. For the latter, 18% of respondents plan to post about it, though Meta Quest 2 Do better with 36%. Mixed reality headset Meta Quest Pro It is in sixth place with 10%.

GDC Survey 2023 Platforms of Interest 860x891

Outside of VR, in broader video game development, PC remains the most popular platform, followed by PS5, Nintendo Switch and Xbox consoles.

And you? Do you think there is a contribution? PlayStation VR 2 combined with success Meta Quest 2 (and probably Meta Quest 3) will allow VR to be adopted by the general public, thereby encouraging major studios to release mainstream titles? Feel free to answer us in the comments.

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