Cyril Hanouna is targeted by Booba due to his closeness with Magali Berdah

ROMAN PERROCHEAU / AFP French singer Elie Yaffa aka Booba performs on the Jean Louis Foulquier stage during the 37th edition of the Francofolies festival in La Rochelle on July 15, 2022. (Photo by ROMAIN PERROCHEAU / AFP)


Booba at Francofolies de la Rochelle, July 15, 2022.

THE PEOPLE – After Magali Berdah and her troupe “ influencers “, Booba has a new target: the host Don’t touch my TV, Cyril Hanouna. The rapper, who has been fighting with broken sticks against the director of the Shauna Events agency and the world of influence, whom he accused of cheating and cheating, has now set his sights on the host of C8, whom he considers a celebrity partner. agent.

He used to get used to his set TPMPBooba has kept to himself so far “collisions” to other rappers on social networks, to Magali Berdah, who condemned the wave of cyberbullying, and to some influencers under her leadership. Since then, the Shauna Events agency has been the subject of complaints “deceptive marketing practices” and several social media stars in the Duke of Boulogne’s sights are the subject of fraud complaints, such as the Blata couple or Dylan Thiry.

Cyril Hanouna, who once employed Magali Berdah as a columnist in the TPMP suite, Booba said shows too much complicity with those he named. “influencers”. “You chose your side, you are as responsible as all the demons you protect”, launched the rapper on social networks. The presenter of C8, who is a former shareholder of the Shauna Events agency through the Banijay group, for his part, always assured that he had nothing to do with these affairs.

“Don’t lose yourself, dad, you’re not ready”

Targeted by a series of provocations, including the release of old more or less embarrassing videos, the host responded to him on the set of TPMP on January 26, without directly naming him. “If you want to attack me, do like everyone else, attack me on the networks. Shut up when you know you’re in the same city as me. There are people who are far away and play smart. One day we will see how it will be in Paris.”threatened Cyril Hanouna without explicitly quoting Booba.

An answer that clearly didn’t sit well with the rapper. “Already be a man and say my name. You walk with bandits, but you are not a bandit. At 32, you played Playstation with mom and dad. Don’t lose, Dad, you’re not ready threw it at him.

The “war” The now announced rapper has sent a series of increasingly offensive tweets against Cyril Hanouna. “Don’t call your friends organized criminals. You are rude, Dad, it doesn’t work here. Not here! Go back to Playstation. you walk”– he wrote on Twitter.

It’s hard to say how far this new clash will go, but this media crusade has certainly benefited one and the other. According to the magazine, Booba’s tweets targeting Hanouna got him four times more engagements than the average of his other posts. DNA, Using social media monitoring tool Visibrain. There is no doubt that Cyril Hanouna, who loves noise, can play it too.

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