What is going on with Madison de la Garza who plays Juanita? (Images)

After small appearances in videos and on the show with Frankie Jonas The Jonas Brothers : Living the DreamMadison De La Garza rose to fame in her fifth season Desperate Housewivesto review Disney+. Viewers first met her as Juanita Solis, the eldest daughter of Gabrielle (Eva Longoria) and Carlos (Ricardo Antonio Chavira). Five years have passed on Wisteria Lane since the events of season 4, and the Solis couple have given birth to two children: Juanita and Celia Solis. Two little girls who make their mother’s life difficult. Madison De La Garza played the little girl for four seasons before Marc Cherry’s series ended in May 2012 after 180 episodes.

What has happened since the end of Madison De La Garza Desperate Housewives ?

Since it stopped Desperate Housewives, Madison De La Garza did not return to a prominent role. He continued his acting career by appearing in Disney series. Good luck Sonny, and make other small television appearances. A young woman also participated Demi Lovato : Just Complex, a moving documentary about a singer returning to his past addictions. It turned out that he was very close to his famous half-sister Camp Rock, Madison De La Garza didn’t shy away from letting him know when she entered rehab to fight her demons. “Demi is doing very well. He is working hard to maintain his sobriety and we are incredibly proud of him.“, he admitted Popcorn talk. “It’s crazy for our family. It’s heavy. We’ve been through a lot together and every time, if you read my mom’s book, you’ll know that whenever something happens to us, we’re always a hundred times stronger than before.“.

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Madison De La Garza has also acted in several film productionsespecially in a thriller No More Caged and in the cartoon Beware of gnomes. He also started writing and directing short films and feature films.. American media in July 2021 diversity said that the actress will direct the film Surprisemystery thriller about a birthday girl’s surprise party that turns tense when her friends find out something she doesn’t“. The film is expected to feature five well-known TikTok influencers: Laurel Toupal, Zach Cowan, Inka Magnaye, Jason van Tonder and Paige Evans.”This is the first time that someone has recruited a cast directly from TikTok to act in a film.“, said producer Max Marlowe. The project ultimately did not materialize.

Faithful young woman

In parallel with her career as an actress and screenwriter, Madison De La Garza is a devoted young woman. In particular, she participated in the campaign “Healthy is the new skinny” (“healthy is more fashionable than thin”) to inform young girls about adopting a healthy lifestyle and self-acceptance. It should be noted that Demi Lovato’s half-sister faced a lot of criticism for her body shape. “Someone sent me an email on Twitter when I was six, and these are his exact words: ‘I hope you die, you fat cow’. And that’s when I really realized that there are differences between fat girls and skinny girls. And I was not thin“.

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The 21-year-old actress is also campaigning for access to drinking water for everyone. “I am so proud of my friends and student council members for making a commitment to change and sticking with it. Although I cannot walk for medical reasons, I am very grateful to be able to be a part of the global fight for clean water.He wrote on his Instagram account.We are incredibly lucky to be able to get an education when so many girls around the world have to choose between school and water for their families, but with the help of your community, you too can raise money to build a well.“.

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