Schumacher, stolen photos: Only three people had access to the villa

There are those who deeply betray his friendship with the former Formula 1 driver Michael Schumacher. And he used his family’s trust to take a series of photos of her and wants to sell them to newspapers for around a million euros. Fortunately, no newspaper has yet accepted this offer. But now we are investigating who could be the intruder, the mole, the traitor. Also because the circle is ultimately very narrow: only three people had access to the secret rooms of the mega-villa where the family lived.

Méribel skis between the rocks of the cursed slope that put Schumacher in a coma

Nine long years have passed since the skiing accident that changed the life of the legendary pilot. And news about his condition is rare even today. Indeed, since December 29, 2013, the health of the seven-time F1 champion has been strictly confidential, and few people are allowed to visit him, except for his closest family members. His wife Corinna, who has always taken care of him, has even set very strict rules in this matter. There is no day of the year that you can make an exception: even special days like January 3, the birthday of the former champion, who turns 54 this year.

We are sure that the former number one of the Ferrari team lived in the villa after undergoing two very delicate neurosurgical operations, emerging from a long coma, being discharged from a hospital in Grenoble and briefly being transferred to a clinic in Lausanne. In Gland on Lake Geneva, Switzerland, with his wife Corinna and children Mick (who will be the third Mercedes driver this year following in their father’s footsteps) and Gina-Maria, driven by the passion of a devoted mother to horses.

During all these years, Michael Schumacher lived under the constant supervision of a medical team consisting of doctors and nurses who monitored him 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. And in relation to his current home, it is known that Gland’s villa is up for sale, and the Schumacher family, including Michael, who live mainly in Spain, previously owned a villa in Malaga in the Balearic Islands. used as a summer residence.


Michael can’t speak (his son Mick confirms this in one of the rare times he talks openly about his father), communicates with his eyes, watches TV and watches F1 races (Jan turns to death, as the former team boss at Ferrari revealed). Unfortunately, he does not always recognize the people around him. As his wife Corinna explains in a Netflix documentary about her husband’s sporting life, “Michael Schumacher is there, but he’s different.

The famous Swiss neurologist Erich Riederer, although he did not have the opportunity to visit the former Ferrari driver, explains the current state of Germany by the fact that the police did not intervene in time immediately after the accident. According to the Swiss official, which delayed the operation when the champion’s brain lost most of its functions.

Who can see the sample?
But who can enter the mansion and approach the champion? This is the point, because we are looking for the person who took these photos of Schumacher in bed during his very long stay at home and then sold the photos to the newspapers (for a million euros), as well as his family members (his wife Corinna). , his children Mick and Gina-Maria, his father Rolf, his brother Ralf and the members of the medical team who are always with him, the people who are authorized to visit the seven-time world champion today, the hand driver and Schumacher’s good friend Luca Badoer, him and Jan Todt (say at Schumacher’s house (almost a permanent presence) few can meet another former champion.

As far as we know, with very few exceptions, there is another person who regularly visits Schumacher’s house: Sabine Khem, Michael Schumacher’s historic press office, which to this day monitors the communication of the entire family and runs the charity Keep Fighting. It was launched in 2016 on behalf of the former Formula 1 driver. Shumin’s historical manager Willy Weber was banned from entering the country, including his wife Corinna, who, according to the same prosecutor, refused to visit her husband. But at the moment, nothing is clear and the suspicion has not fallen on a specific person. One thing is certain: his wife, Corinne, is determined to go all the way.

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