Reality Pro and Reality One rumors: what if Apple made Mark Zuckerberg’s dream come true with an AR/VR headset?

As the days go by, more and more VR headsets are availableapple fantasy and rumors become more accurate. The latter talk more about the use of the headset in terms of interaction,Bonemarketing and profitability. The little icing on the cake is that it appears to be not one, but two helmets. Apple Stores until next year. But let’s see it together.

Towards integration into the global ecosystem?

that we appreciate apple or not, it must be recognized that the power of the manufacturer is to have a complete ecosystem. So when someone buys a branded device, a iPhonethen there is a good chance that it will move towards a Macintosha iPadof AirPods or even a AppleTV. Why? Simply because all these materials are easy to use and perfectly connected to each other. So it would be absolutely wise for a helmet VR follow this logic. For this, the interface (xrOS) is comparable to those available globally iPhone (iOS) or even iPad (iPadOS), but in three-dimensional format. This would have the advantage of not disrupting the habits of the brand’s users, thereby facilitating their access to virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality. Moreover, it would be possible to start work with it Macintosh Or open iPhonethen finish on the helmet VR or vice versa. The same Face timepopular video programappleit may be in decline VR thanks to the presence of named avatars Memoji. This version will realistically display the user’s face and full body in virtual reality. This will allow two users of the helmet apple communicate with realistic avatars as if they were in the same room. A priori, despite the impressive processing power announced for it, through two processors M2this feature is reserved for one-on-one discussions, not multiplayer games.

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Natural interaction without accessories!

You don’t have to be a keen observer to notice that no description or specifications appear on the possible controllers. Admittedly, it can be‘Apple the latter protects information better than the helmet, but this assumption is highly improbable. Therefore, it is logical to think that eye and hand tracking, especially finger tracking, will be at the center of the experience that the Apple brand wants to offer its users. Anyway, so does journalist Mark Gurman Bloomberg explaining, according to these sources, the user will simply look at an object and then pinch it with the thumb and forefinger (finger pinch) or even enable the task. Knowing that the American giant likes to make its products intuitively accessible, the lack of controllers seems quite logical. On the other hand, to make it completely effective, the tracking of the hands, fingers and eyes must be perfect. In comparison, helmets Meta Quest it already provides pretty good hand tracking, but nothing beats controllers for accurate, fast work and haptic feedback touch. But apple There is also a powerful voice assistant known as Siriso it can be implanted in this popular helmet VR to further facilitate interaction. With the simple sound of our voice, it would be possible to text, search, launch an application and many other things.

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A tech showcase to bait a barge?

When it comes to marketing strategy, the next headsetapple (Reality Pro) should be the ultimate loss leader for apple store. Indeed, considering that the sale price of the animal is estimated at more than 3,000 euros, the very minimalist goal of one million units in the first year seems to be a set. In fact, its sale would serve above all to generate interest to attract more visitors. blinds whatever it takes to take advantage of the opportunity to increase the number of owners of the brand’s products. The first concrete step into the world of Apple and the virtual world that can reach more people with a second headset MR (RealityOne) will cost half the price and is more common, releasing a year after the first. Mark Gurman also explains itapple will be discussed with half a dozen companies including disney and Dolby to be able to offer quality 360° immersive content. This view makes sense and may pay off well in the medium term.

What if Apple made Mark Zuckerberg’s dream come true?

For anyone familiar with virtual reality, augmented reality, or mixed reality, what we’ve written above sums up the current aisle noise is ultimately pretty standard. Actually, just look Meta Finally seeing that all of this is what Mark Zuckerberg has been promising us for several years. Buy a helmet MR Efficient enough to replace a computer, smartphone, or even co-exist with both, that’s it Meta Quest Pro. But there Meta not apple and Meta there is noBone, Meta it doesn’t have a complete ecosystem and it has to deal with Android on the one hand Windows. Obviously, it depends on one side Microsoft and on the other side of the duo Google and Qualcomm. No matter what happens in the future, it will always be difficult to introduce a product on this basis, so transparent and easy to will do in a completely self-sufficient universe. The funniest thing about it all, if you can put it that wayapple despite being seven years behind the competition, he will definitely succeed in creating a helmet MR and metaverse (untitled) Mark Zuckerberg always dreamed of.

Of course, this is all just a rumour-based perspective that should be taken at the pinch of the event.

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