How to build a kennel for your dog?

There are several types of dog houses, the material is an important selection criterion.

Inside your home, your dog benefits from all possible comforts: a basket or a pillow, he usually has his own corner, territory. But outside? If you have a garden and your dog likes to spend time there playing or stretching his paws, consider building a kennel where he can take shelter in all seasons or rest if he needs to. How to create a tiny house that effectively protects your little four-legged friend? have some ideas for build a kennel for your dog.

Dog house: 5 criteria to remember

A dog needs space to feel comfortable in a kennel. 5 criteria to consider when building an outdoor shelter:

  1. The niche should be adapted to the size of the dog, whether it’s a puppy, a small dog or a large dog (retriever, German shepherd, labrador, etc.). It should not be too small: the dog should go inside and sleep comfortably. But it should not be too big so that he finds safe shelter from it and does not get cold. For dimensions, start by measuring your dog (from nose to tail to neck) and multiply your pet’s length by 1.2 to calculate the width and length to create the dog house. For height, allow 10cm more than your dog’s height.
  2. Look maintain ventilation (for example, if you choose a hinged door) to ensure optimal air circulation inside the kennel. It should not be too big to maintain the animal’s body temperature.
  3. Choose a home for your pet a pointed roof or a flat, sloping roof it is slightly inclined so that the water does not stand during rain. Feel free to cover it with an impermeable material (tile, sheet metal or bituminous shingle) to insulate and waterproof it.
  4. Dog houses must have a solid foundation and well insulated from the ground: the ideal is to raise it to create a gap between the niche and the ground.
  5. Where to put a niche? Install it near your home in a sheltered location away from wind and bad weather.

Build a wooden dog house

An aesthetic, wooden niche easily finds its place in the garden and resists bad weather very well. Choose untreated wood: raw wooden planks (fir, pine, cedar, etc.), parquet strips, wooden panels, posts, elbows… Wooden dog kennels are well insulated from the cold. Use insulating material for the cabin roof as well. To protect the tree from rain and wind, you can paint or stain the outside. In addition to protecting the wood, it will make cleaning easier.

On the tool side, a saw (hand saw, jigsaw or circular saw), a screwdriver, a tape measure, hinges, a screwdriver, wood screws, nails and a square should be especially useful to you. You can easily find a detailed wooden niche plan on the Internet.

Build a nest from pallets

Another possibility, economical and ecological: make your dog’s kennel from recycled pallets. The pallet will serve as the basis for the niche, but wooden boards for the walls and roof will be easier to use for the frame. It is also possible to dismantle pallets, if you have a lot and are motivated.

Make a metal nest

If the metal booth (which we often see in kennels) is very resistant to the vagaries of the weather (wind, rain, snow, etc.), it can still be uncomfortable for your dog in the summer, during the day. very sunny.

If you have galvanized steel plates to use, install the structure with them and use wood for the rest of the construction, which is more insulating and comfortable for your animal.

Build a nest from a cinder block

If you want to build a doghouse that will last over time, choose concrete block walls combined with wood, midden or plywood framing. Add a wooden roof, cover with insulating materials and you are done. Cellular concrete panels are also an option for heavy dog ​​shelters. Polystyrene panels can be installed outside to insulate the niche.

Small dog, medium or large dog, etc. You have all the keys to building suitable kennels for your dogs of all breeds. And to offer him a cozy cocoon, put a bowl of water and a comfortable pillow or dog basket, toy with the dog nearby. Are you not a master? You can buy an easy-to-assemble dog house at a pet store: remember to take your dog’s measurements before you go there to buy a dog house of the right size (size S, size L, size XL or XXL).

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