Guinea-Higher education: The scientific week of UGANC has closed

Science week after several days of activities I’University Gamal Abdel Nasser from Conakry (UGANC) is about to finish. The closing ceremony took place this Saturday, January 28, 2023, in the celebration hall of the said university with the participation of the rector. According to the vice-rector, it is a week of exchange of information and scientific results between teachers-researchers and students.

Rector of the university who spoke at the event Doctor Alpha Cabinet Keita, before announcing that scientific days and a scientific symposium will be held after the scientific week, he first gave his impressions about this scientific week.

“I think that this week the participation of our colleagues from outside and related centers was something we wanted. But doing it among ourselves allowed us to see, perhaps not fully, what is being done in our institute in terms of research. We discovered what was being done in terms of research through several experiments in all the faculties (Computer Center, Polytechnic Institute, Railway Institute) and I am sure we would have seen more if we had taken more time. things, and that, in my opinion, is something to be desired and something to be encouraged.”he noted.

And to add: “Scientific activity is my dream and I am sure that it is the dream of each of you, the dream of the rector. We have to be part of the routine in our organization, we have this obligation. That is why, for the future scientific activities, and especially for the second scientific week for the second semester, we should divide this time into sections, so that the researchers of the Faculty of Sciences can work with the scientific workers of the Polytechnic Institute, professors and teachers. medical health sciences, computer center, railway institute. As for us, we will have scientific days outside of the various scientific weeks. There will also be a scientific symposium. This symposium will focus on capitalizing on the experiences gained by our Universities during the epidemic. For these various activities, we expect the participation of everyone, because our goal is to position our University in the role of knowledge production, especially in the role of scientific popularization ».

Former Minister of Health, Dr. Mariame Beavoguiwho is also the vice-rector of UGNC, gave a brief overview of the activities carried out during this scientific week.

“This scientific week consisted of the results of scientific research conducted at Gamal Abdel Nasser University in Conakry, the exchange of information between teacher-researchers and also between teacher-researchers and students. We received more than 30 applications. This proved to us that research at Gamal Abdel Nasser University in Conakry is effective. Therefore, it was necessary to give an opportunity to these outstanding educators-researchers, these outstanding researchers to share their experiences. I had to cut a few threads, they made a lot of relevant ones. This morning we had presentations on climate change, such as the impact of Covid on our health system. We had presentations on the role of new information and communication technologies in higher education. Obviously, there was a lot, but we didn’t know who the people were there. And this week provided an opportunity to share information that led to very interesting discussions. For example, we had another theme using Kindia clay. And we realized that through this field we can use our own resources, we can use our clay to make tiles, plates, ceramics, and for me that was really a novelty. So it’s been a week of sharing, information, but above all, innovation.said Dr Mariame Beavogui, Vice-Chancellor for Research at UGANC.

The holding of this science week was positively received by the students who said that they achieved and learned a lot during this week. One of these students, Fara Ibrahima Millimouno, asks for the continuation of this initiative.

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