Gilles Verdez’s comments divide netizens

This Friday, January 27, Gilles Verdez’s words on “TPMP” divided netizens. C8 screenshot

A new issue of “TPMP” aired on C8 this Friday, January 27th. Benjamin Castaldi returned to one of the week’s controversies in his lion head dress during Kylie Jenner’s Schiaparelli fashion show. A topic that sparked lively discussions on set. Gilles Verdez’s words have divided internet users to a great extent.

Thursday is often a moment eagerly awaited by the French, as for many it rhymes with the weekend. And before starting this two-day vacation, the audience found a new issue of “TPMP Weekend” presented by Benjamin Castaldi. This Friday, January 27, Cyril Hanouna again let the columnist host the show. The host of the night returned to the current topics of the last hours. Although Paris Fashion Week has just ended, many designers have revealed their passion. It should be noted that during this week dedicated to haute couture, major luxury houses offer even more impressive creations.

Moreover, during the opening of this Fashion Week, this Monday, January 23, all eyes were on the Schiaparelli fashion show. It must be said that the biggest stars went on a trip to discover the works of artistic director Daniel Rosebery. Kylie Jenner’s arrival has attracted a lot of attention. And for good reason! The most surprising look worn by Kim Kardashian’s sister. Kris Jenner’s daughter wore a long black velvet dress with a fake lion head. Naomi Campbell chose a dress with a wolf head. These animal heads looked larger than life and these creations caused heated debates on social networks.

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While some saw incredible pieces worthy of French haute couture, others deplored the depiction of animals. Moreover, PETA France reacted very quickly by condemning the clothes of the house of Schiaparelli. The animal rights association later shared a press release on Twitter. “While art, including fashion, can be subjective, Schiaparelli’s claim that ‘no animals were harmed’ in the making of this lion head dress worn by Kylie Jenner is objectively false,” we can read first. Then Peta continued, “Indeed, silkworms were boiled alive and sheep were exploited for their wool to obtain the silk and wool used to make these fake animal heads.” But what shocks the members of the association is the symbol of the animal’s head. “Anyone concerned that these clothes encourage trophy hunting should also consider the animals who actually suffer for this look and the countless people who are imprisoned, maimed, abused and killed for the sake of fashion,” they wrote.

“We no longer make stuffed animals that represent the animal in this situation”

Naturally, this debate revived the episode of the “TPMP” program, which was broadcast this Friday, January 27. While for most columnists it was only about “fashion and art”, Gilles Verdez was again against this issue. For the columnist, these clothes were “scandalous”. He got angry, then explained his point. “It’s about legalizing hunting trophies cut by rich people in Africa. They harvest the heads to make trophies.” Therefore, he avoided a completely different topic that scandalized his colleagues. He also mentioned silkworms and sheep. His comments have widely divided the internet. For Internet users, Gilles Verdez has gone too far, because “stuffed animals” should be banned in these cases if fake animals can no longer be represented.

“For once I agree with Gilles Verdez”

Others applauded Gilles Verdez’s speech. For Twitter subscribers, these creations “give insight into the animal object.” This debate was as heated on the set of “Touche pas à mon poste” as it was on the Internet.

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