Everything you need to know about “slow gardening” or the art of gardening with pleasure!

Slow fashion, slow food, slow travel…slow gardening naturally follows the environmental concepts mentioned! What exactly is “slow gardening”? What are its principles? How to adopt it in 2023? Update one of the biggest trends to celebrate your green corner this year!

What is slow gardening?

Straight from the US, slow gardening is a concept of gardening more comfortably and without restrictions. Simply put, the idea of ​​slow gardening is to make gardening a fun and enjoyable activity. This is a philosophy that fits perfectly with ecological concepts that advocate a return to nature. Therefore, its principles are to grow green, organic and seasonal while enjoying the activity. In short, having a perfect garden is no longer fashionable!

gardening trend 2023 slow gardening definition of stress free gardening principles for having fun in the garden

Slow gardening is becoming more and more popular among gardeners, and for good reason. With its organic, ecological and close-to-nature concept, slow gardening guarantees a fashionable and comfortable garden. To adopt it in 2023, it is enough to apply several principles, the most important of which is horticulture without restrictions on planting, watering and transplanting, without planning or strict calendars. In short, we’re throwing out guidelines that are a little too strict for reconnecting with nature through slow gardening. Focus!

Stress-free gardening

The No. 1 idea of ​​slow gardening is to turn the activity into a passion, an enjoyable hobby that you enjoy practicing. De-stress! We stop looking for ways to keep slugs and snails out of the garden. Of course, we admit that this idea can be annoying, but try to keep calm! Caring for your vegetable garden or small flower garden doesn’t have to involve vegetable garden planning, planting schedules, watering and lawn care.

slow gardening trend to create a close to nature ecological organic garden natural fertilizer house cuttings nettle compost waste recycling

Organic and ecological gardening

Considering that slow gardening is essentially part of a nature-oriented lifestyle, in 2023 we will favor an organic garden that is more ecological and respectful of the environment. Get off the chemicals (pesticides, fungicides, herbicides) and put in natural and homemade fertilizers. Store-bought products are not only bad for your produce and pets, but also bad for your wallet. Gardening is something that will make you happy while saving money, dear gardeners!

Understand and reconnect with nature

As the name suggests, slow gardening is about taking your time and relaxing. So stop dictating here and there! Instead of following rules to create the perfect garden, pay attention to your surroundings. Look, observe and listen to their needs. At the risk of repeating ourselves, the main idea behind this type of gardening trend is to reconnect with nature so that you can intervene in a way that seems logical to you. Go and stop trying to control everything. Motto in 2023: Trust Mother Nature!

slow gardening trend 2023 organic garden eco local recycling compost stress free gardening

Slow gardening 2023: Recycle

As already mentioned, by turning to other gardening methods, you are doing Mother Nature a favor as well as your wallet. And recycling is definitely one of those methods! Get into the habit of recycling your waste by composting it. So you will get 100% natural fertilizer and mulch. Deavita.fr is full of articles on composting, mulching, making homemade nettle manure or other preparations to enrich the soil of your plants.

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Prefer native and lush vegetation

By “local,” slow gardening is strongly inspired by slow food! However, it’s not about short gardening schemes, it’s more about choosing and planting greens adapted to your region and its climate, easy varieties that will naturally flourish in your garden. Tropical plants are certainly very beautiful, but it is not accidental if they do not survive in your area. In conclusion, slow gardening is not about having a perfect garden. Its purpose is more to let you enjoy the lush greenery where life is good. And when we say “juicy” we don’t mean bad maintenance. Wild greens such as some trees and shrubs are perfect for creating a garden that is cleaner, neater and closer to nature.

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