ENENSYS TECHNOLOGIES – Return to dynamic growth in the second half of 2022: +10% – Annual turnover: EUR 12.7 million (+2%) – Solid order book to start fiscal year 2023 – 26/01/2023 – 18: 00.

ENENSYS Technologies Group, a global specialist in digital video streaming and targeted ad placement, announces the publication of its turnover for the financial year 2022.

Verified data in M€ 2021 2022 Variation
1er semester 5.90 5.43 -8.0%
2no semester 6.62 7.31 +10.4%
Consolidated turnover 12.52 12.74 +1.8%

The Group recorded a very good level of activity in the second half with a turnover of 7.3 million Euros, up +10.4% over the period, benefiting from trading dynamics and a good level of order book. This indicator made it possible to compensate for the delay in the first half of the year and to close the financial year with a satisfactory profit of 12.7 million euros, increasing by +1.8%.

The geographic breakdown of 2022 revenue is as follows:

Verified data in M€ 2021 2022 Variation
EMEA 6.03 6.19 +2.7%
North America 2.44 3.25 +33.2%
France 2.02 1.09 -46.0%
Asia Pacific 1.50 2.06 +37.3%
South America 0.53 0.15 -71.7%
Consolidated turnover 12.52 12.74 +1.8%

Strong business growth in the US and Asia Pacific

ENENSYS Technologies Group continues to reap the benefits of its international commercial presence, either through a direct sales force or through a network of partners or distributors. Thus, the Group’s solutions were put on sale in about 80 countries in 2022.

Growth was particularly strong in the US, with revenue up +33.2% to €3.2 million, supported by a favorable exchange rate effect of €0.3 million. This performance was mainly based on the conclusion of a contract with a major American player for the supply of a strategic software component for critical mobile applications.

In the EMEA zone, despite a high comparative base (+40% growth in this zone over the previous financial year), activity increased steadily by +2.7% to EUR 6.2 million. This performance was particularly supported by the continued deployment of ground solutions in Italy and monitoring solutions in South Africa.

In France, activity decreased by €0.9 million due to the absence of a significant contract this year. The group has implemented commercial developments to increase its domestic market.

In Asia, the Group showed a dynamic growth of +37.3%, especially due to the influence of the OneBeam project implemented in the Philippines.

Decline in annual profitability

The good level of activity recorded in the second half of the year and the good control of operating costs will enable the Group to generate output Positive annual EBITDA for the second year in a row. The net result, moreover, will be clearly positive, as it was in the first half thanks to the exceptional return on capital transactions.

By December 31, 2022 available cash increased to 3.5 million euros (vs. EUR 3.0 million per year) enables the Group to continue its development in peace.

2023 goals: Sustainable growth

The Group’s commercial activity remained dynamic throughout the second half of the year and relates to all of the Group’s offerings, from historical terrestrial activity to OTT monitoring or targeted advertising. So the Group starts in 2023 a high order book of approximately €6.0 million compared to the same period last year.

The group also has a good exploration portfolio, while remaining cautious in a challenging overall economic context, even if supply tensions disrupting FY 2022 ease considerably. ENENSYS Technologies will support commercial development by participating in 3 major international exhibitions in 2023The Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February will be an opportunity to capitalize on recent commercial successes in this area, the NAB Show in Las Vegas in April 2023 and the IBC show in Amsterdam in September.

Thus, the Group continues to make every effort to sustainably pursue its new virtuous growth trajectory.

Next meeting: Publication of 2022 annual results after market close on 11 April 2023.

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About ENENSYS Technologies Group:

ENENSYS Technologies Group, a specialist in digital video broadcasting and ad placement, has been offering highly innovative solutions enabling the efficient distribution of content across networks and terminals in the media chain for more than fifteen years. Having invested approximately €60 million in Research and Development over the past 10 years, the Group has a reputation for excellence in solutions for optimizing, securing and monetizing video streams. The solutions are sold through two brands – ENENSYS and TestTree – and reach more than 1.2 billion followers worldwide. The group achieved a turnover of 12.7 million euros in 2022, of which more than 90% is international.

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