Emmanuel Macron is fine-tuning France’s timetable for reducing carbon emissions

France is needed “double” his “voltage rating” to reduce carbon emissions If it wants to achieve its goals in 2030president Emmanuel Macron admitted on Saturday, drawing the calendar of deadlines to be observed by the activity sector (transport, agriculture, etc.) – from February to June. “We’re not there today. We’re not going to get there if we don’t change things.”this is how the head of state explains in a video published on social networks two days after calling the “ecological planning council” in the Elysee.

“If we want to reach our 2030 target, we need to go to 270 million tons of CO2 emissions,” Remembers Emmanuel Macron, “this means that between now and 2030 we have to reduce 140 million tons (…), which means that we just have to double the effort compared to what we have done in these last five years”.

“In the last five years, we have been twice as fast as before”, defends the president, who was criticized throughout his first term for his perceived insufficient action against the climate crisis. It mentions 434-410 million tons of CO2 emissions every year since 2017. Then give up CO2 emissions by major sectors From transport, which is the leading source of emissions in France at 30%, to waste (3%), agriculture (19%), industry (19%), construction (18%) and energy (10%), it contributes to the warming of the atmosphere. ).

In transports “We couldn’t bring it down”recommended Mr. Macron notes “to strengthen” current policy: electrify a private car park with conversion bonus, environmental bonus and car manufacturing in France. Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne is also responsible for the announcement “in February” measures for “Improvement of public transport infrastructure”.

For agriculture, “We have to go further, we have to get harder to reduce our emissions”he calls out saying he wants a plan completed “in June”. This should be expressed in a future law in favor of the placement of young farmers. Linking agriculture and energy, the president points out that help to install young farmers can be tied to goals related to energy production, biomass or improving carbon storage.

The energy challenges of the transition will require a lot of electricity to add gas or fossil oil. The biomass will be used to produce biogas or green electricity.

“A Billion Trees”

From here”march april”the president also thinks “Finalize forestry strategy to replant one billion trees” intended for improve the carbon sinki.e. absorption of CO2 by vegetation.

There are no announcements on the building side, many votes are for residential and all public buildings, hospitals, schools, etc., to reduce consumption and emissions from the sector. rising to require a global and massive plan to repair. . The president is simply emphasizing the opening “consultation” in “February” sum up the strategy and show what you are looking for “a slightly more innovative way of organizing effort”.

After bringing together representatives of the industry The 50 most polluting sites Last November at the Elysée, he recalls a fixed meeting “At the end of Mayto evaluate “decarbonisation strategy”.

Energy asks here “February-March” un new “Health Plan”with the Prime Minister responsible for announcing a “to plan” from here “may june”. Saturday’s Official Journal also detailed the operation of new regional energy committees piloted with dual command by prefects and presidents of regions, who will be responsible for organizing renewable electricity production and restoring heat or cold recovery networks. territories.

“I don’t hide from you that there is a lot, a lot, a lot of work,” he concludes. “This is not a discovery, but now we are entering the difficult part, we need to mobilize the right funding. This will require public money, but we also need private money.”

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