Best Christmas Movies 2022 on Netflix

From November 10, Netflix started the Christmas season. Like every year, streaming nonsense has incorporated many new features to please its subscribers. 2022 is no exception. There are many romantic comedies like Christmas and Christmas Diary waiting for you in the catalogue. Children are not left out. Indeed, with the latest animated film Shaun the Sheep: The Christmas Getaway, one can enjoy the adventures of Shaun the Sheep. Discover the best Christmas movies of 2022 on Netflix!

Christmas with you

Famous pop star Angelina (Aimee Garcia) is exhausted and decides to travel halfway around the world to surprise one of her fans on her fifteenth birthday. As soon as he arrives, a snowstorm will stop the artist in the village. She soon finds herself in a relationship with a celibate and reserved music teacher, who happens to be none other than the teenager’s father. With the latter, he will compose the ideal Christmas carol.

Christmas thanks to him

Betrayed by his ex-lover, Carlinhos makes a special request to a man called Gracha. Unknown to her, he wants her to be his girlfriend for Christmas. But looks are deceiving! Gracha will change the food of this family, where traditions are important. A film with burlesque and surprising humor.

Christmas diary

Inspired by the bestseller, the film follows acclaimed author Jake Turner as he goes home for the holidays to settle his mother’s estate, with whom he has a strained relationship. Sorting through his boxes in his childhood home, he opens a diary that contains secrets about his story and a woman he meets named Rachel. The truth is at the end of the road for them.

Shaun the Sheep: Christmas Escape

On Christmas Eve, Shaun’s excitement turns to fear. Indeed, Shaun the Sheep is fighting to find the biggest Christmas stocking! However, the latter will be helped by his friends at the farm. An incredible adventure awaits them in the farmer’s truck on the way to the Christmas market.

Scrooge: (badly) A Christmas Carol

Discover the myth of Charles Dickens with this musical adaptation of this great fantasy Christmas story with its central theme of time travel. Scrooge spends Christmas Eve before facing his history and tries to have a bright future. The salvation of his soul is at stake.


Oscar-winning director Guillermo del Toro presents a retelling of Carlo Collodi’s tale. The story is familiar: a doll that comes to life to sweeten the soul of a woodcarver named Gepetto. Discover the adventures of the mischievous and disobedient Pinocchio, who will finally be able to find his place in this world.

I hate Christmas

A woman will lie to her mother and father by telling them that she is coming with someone for Christmas dinner. Time is running out: he must do everything he can to find her before the fateful date. This is the Italian adaptation of the series Home for Christmas on Netflix.

Who Killed Santa?

Seasoned homicide detective Terry Seattle is back with a complicated case for an episode of Murderville. Thanks to Jason Bateman and Maya Rudolph, they will do anything to find Santa’s killer. But for once, the two actors are not aware of the synopsis. They will encounter many surprises.

Matilda: the musical

Matilda Verdebois is an interesting little girl with a strong mind, a big imagination and terrible parents! While the latter spend their time watching TV and making vague plans to earn money, Matilda gets lost in the writing of her favorite books. With the help of her kind teacher Miss Candy, the young girl imagines her own fantastical tales. This film is a musical adaptation of Roald Dahl’s novel.

Christmas storm

December 2022: It’s a busy day at the airport in Oslo, the capital of Norway. Some receive their friends, some go to see their family, and some stay away from the party. Nevertheless, all these little programs will fall apart and destinies will collide. Indeed, everyone will find themselves stranded due to weather conditions. Alas, the clock is ticking…just one day before Christmas!

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