Darmanin and Montparnasse cat case

Everyone has their own reasons. For example, in the past when we still hear about her, Marlène Schiappa, it was the cause of women. He did it very well. Gerald Darmanin, he is an animal causer. We remember that in 2018, when we were in the turmoil of the yellow vests, the then Minister of Activities and Public Accounts made noise by filming with a parrot on his shoulder. “Cocotte and I invite you to Christmas for the animals this Sunday…for the SPA. You should come and adopt the animals. Hey, Cocotte, that’s right! Hein, Hein, that’s right… Come on Cocotte, we’re coming to the SPA to help! » This is how our friend Marie Delarue characterized this movement “choupinet derivative”. The minister has the right to own derivatives, provided they are harmless.

And then, the animal cause is obviously noble, because one can discover one’s share of humanity and savagery through one’s dealings with animals. Moreover, this defense of the animal case is between the parties: we know Marine Le Pen’s love for cats, as well as Aurore Bergé’s. Aurore Berge is even able to say serious things about the cause of animals. “The attitude towards animals reflects the level of society”he said in an interview Paris matchin 2018. A less elegant paraphrase of a sentence by Pope Pius X: “The spirit of civilization manifests itself quite naturally in its equestrian culture.” A papal reflection that those who see the exploitation of animals in the training of horses today can argue!

Animal cruelty, indeed. Gerald Darmanin said that 4,000 police stations and gendarmerie brigades in France will be assigned and trained to receive complaints about this animal abuse. And to tweet: “Animals are sensitive, sentient beings who deserve our protection. The violence they are sometimes subjected to is unbearable. I have therefore decided to strengthen the means of combating this violence, which the French no longer accept. » That’s fair and good, but we have to appreciate com’s part in this announcement, because obviously we’re not going to beef anything up, and we’re just going to appoint 4,000 agents who have to be trained. During this time they will not be at their post for the safety of the French, a sensitive being endowed with a sensibility deserving the protection of the state. In a country where atrocities against our citizens are on the rise, we can legitimately ask ourselves if there are priorities to be set: when everything is a priority, nothing is.

But it is true that the animal cause is very popular (there are 80 million pets in our country) and the emotional note works well. We see it from Darmani’s point of view, more specifically, during a trip to Essonne, in early January, about this unfortunate case of the cat crushed by the TGV in front of its masters (mother and daughter) at the Montparnasse station. Neko – because now the whole of France knows this cat’s name – escaped from his bag and took shelter under the train. SNCF agents refused to intervene for security reasons, adding – the biggest horror – “it was just a cat”according to the comments made by the teenager.

Sad story, we agree. But was it necessary to intervene by making a statement to the minister on January 27: “Of course, I am particularly shocked by what happened at this Paris station and I am shocked by the way the SNCF unfortunately handled this terrible case” ? Doesn’t this reinforce the relativism inherent in our society? To say “it was just a cat” would be scandalous and therefore implicitly affirm the idea that there is no longer any hierarchy between man and animal. We are waiting for another proposal to amend our Constitution on the subject.

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