Burnt car, dozens of stolen gas cylinders, polluted river… Brief news from Nievre

A car caught fire after a police chase in Nevers

On the night of January 23-24, a Citroën C4 car, which was chased by the police and then abandoned by its residents on rue Achille-Vincent, was set on fire in a car garage on rue Compagnon. orders of law enforcement agencies.

Officials spotted and chased this car, which was reported to them by the gendarmes ten days ago, after it refused to comply during the inspection.

A 62-year-old passenger was killed in a head-on collision between a car and a utility vehicle in Sauvigny-les-Bois.

In the Grande-Pâture area, where the driver of the pursued car did not intend to stop, garbage cans deliberately dropped by individuals slowed down the police. They lost sight of the Citroën C4, which was finally found empty after a few minutes and then evacuated.

It burned around 02:45. The fire damaged Fenwick and two other cars parked nearby.

A house has been burgled in Neuvy-sur-Loire

Two cameras, a necklace and a tablet were stolen from the residence where the shutters and window were forced open. The owners registered the intervention on January 23.

Siphon bus in Dornes

150 liters of diesel burned from the tank of the bus belonging to Keolis company. The incident of fuel theft was reported on Tuesday, January 24.

Used oil causing pollution in Luzi

On Tuesday, January 24, around 3:00 p.m., pollution was discovered by the services of the Interdepartmental Highways Authority (Dir) while cleaning a ditch near the L’Alène River. It is due to the oil used and its length is more than three hundred meters.

The oil was removed by the company and a floating dam was installed by firefighters to prevent it from flowing into a nearby river.

The person who kept the secret was arrested in Nevers

On January 24, a person who tried to escape from the police after leaving the apartment on Bernard-Palissi street was caught after getting rid of two packages of drugs. They contained 4 grams of cannabis resin.

Driver without a license in Nevers

On Tuesday, Jan. 24, around 12:15 p.m., a driver was pulled over by police for driving without a license because he was driving too slowly. Civil servants expressed this at Rue de Charleville.

A car under the road in Moulins-Engilbert

On Wednesday, January 25, at around 1:30 p.m., the car ended up at the bottom of Sermages Road, near the pond. The driver was taken by firefighters to Decize Hospital for evaluation.

Stolen Motocross at Clamecy

A dirt bike was stolen from a private garage. On the night of January 25 to Thursday, a thief broke in.

Gas cylinders were stolen in Saint-Saulge

30 gas cylinders were stolen from a broken cabinet in the Maximarché store. The theft case was opened on January 26.

Talonda is stuck in his car

On Thursday, January 26, around 9 a.m. in the 282nd block, a driver left the road on a slippery road and got stuck in his car. The victim, who was rescued by firefighters, was taken to the hospital for examination.

He gives two bags of drugs to the police in Nevers

On January 25, rue Fonmorigny, during an inspection on Wednesday, a man spontaneously handed over two bags of cannabis and resin to the police. He had about 3 grams of drugs in his hand.

Two unlicensed drivers in Nevers

On January 25 and Thursday, January 25 and Thursday, in La Fontaine-d’Argent and Rue Barthélemy-Duprilot, two drivers were checked without a driving license. First, after violating the Traffic Code?; and the second for driving in the middle of the road after consuming alcohol.

He steals perfume in Nevers

On Wednesday, January 25, a man was arrested by the police after he stole two perfumes worth about €200 after being spotted by a security guard at the Marionnaud perfumery. The day before, he had already stolen goods worth 500 euros.

A scooter rider falls in Marzy

A scooter rider was taken to hospital for observation after falling on Busserolles Road at around 12pm on Friday 27th January. His two-wheeler skidded.

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