Typography Trends 2023 – Design through the lens of technological innovation and cultural inspiration

In an ever-changing world, Monotype provides a snapshot of creative directions by highlighting key trends driven by technology, diversity and inclusion, and the cultural zeitgeist.

Paris, January 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Monotype, a global typeface and technology leader, today released its annual Type Trends Report, Type Trends 2023, a comprehensive guide that explores the graphic manifestations of today’s environment.

Monotype, the global leader in typefaces and technology, today released its annual Type Trends Report, Type Trends 2023.

10 trends identified by Monotype show how visual identity and digital touchpoints are becoming more important for brands. Analyzing each of the trends, the report provides a cultural look at typographic design, which is evolving at breakneck speed thanks to the technological innovation of digital platforms to inspire and engage brands.

Inspired by culture, diversity and inclusion and influenced by technologies such as artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, the report highlights the role of technology in continuing to push the boundaries of graphic design. The main trends can be summarized as follows:

  • After the pandemic, the world returns with a playful spirit and Super hero often sporting contours and shadows that are angled, distorted, or skewed in perspective enter the scene. This trend has happy and playful comic book vibes, potentially inspired by the growing prevalence of superhero movies.

  • A little more… Super Sober offers simplicity and differentiation in a noisy landscape of competing brands, apps and notifications. It is often black and white, simple and centered.

  • The evolution of last year’s trend – Matchmaker it represents variety, variety and strong association in visual form. The variety and diversity of characters continue to reflect the attitudes, values, goals, and missions of this generation. It is a trend that expresses human activity.

  • Smart grid It is a mixture of art and science, built on grid structures broken by quadrants or semicircles. The grilles are the main attraction, but they are also softened and cut with precision and finesse.

  • The digital world continues to evolve and our reliance on paper continues to decline. Screens allow for more fluidity, even they claim. This is where the trend comes in. Flux – a set of variable fonts, including icons, move because they can. Ripe for AR and VR, this design pushes further into uncharted 3D spaces.

“Topography allows us to share ideas about current technology and trends,” he says Terrance Weinzierl, type design director for Monotype. “This report presents an eye-opening selection of work that fascinates and excites us. It represents a small wave crossing the ocean of design. Ten trends show the impact of our everyday lives on the shape of letters.”

“While many trends lack the continuity of themes seen in 2022, our report primarily looks at the future of visual creativity,” he adds. Emilios Theophanes, director of type design at Monotype. “This annual publication of our observations over the years is above all a tribute to the wonderful world of typography: a look at how creativity flourishes with passion and determination even in arid terrain.”

To read the full 2023 Type Trends report, visit: monotype.com/en/type-trends-2023.

Click here to download visuals of the report.

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