The world of photography and medicine: Natacha exhibits “in the center of the block” at the Place Sibellas des Carmes

16:13 – January 26, 2023

Fascinated by black and white, Natacha Sibellas has always put people at the center of her work, making it her specialty. – © Natacha SIBELLAS

Until February 2 at La Canopée, artist photographer Natacha Sibellas, place des Carmes, signs and exhibits a complete program around a unique concept that brings together the worlds of art and medicine: “In the heart of the block”.

Graphic designer and publisher Natacha Sibellas is first and foremost a photographer. An art that has accompanied him since the age of 12 and practiced on his own, experimenting with the family apparatus.

Fascinated by Black and White, he always put people at the center of his work and made it his specialty. For him, life scenes, gestures, attitudes, gazes, portraits and stories are a way for him to participate by allowing his way of looking at things to express itself, and to create original shots filled with soul that hold that part. to “live” despite the passage of time.

“Open Heart”

There are places that remain mysterious to ordinary people… Places that no one wants to enter… Among them is the operating room. Through a complete program that includes photos, books, exhibitions, conferences, seminars and financial support, Natacha Sibellas promotes health accompanied by professionals from the medical world and reveals the secrets of her exceptional journey to the center of the block. .

In 2019, for the first time, a photographer was invited to enter the heart of the cardiovascular surgery department of the CHU Gabriel Montpied de Clermont-Ferrand, directed by Professor Lionel Camilleri.

An extraordinary immersion into the fascinating and mysterious world of bouldering, aimed at highlighting the behind-the-scenes teams that produce a work of art every day through the eyes and emotions of a photographer: meticulously crafted that requires precision, coordination and commitment.

By artistic choice, all photos are taken in Black and White.

The photo series, already presented in Rennes, Menton, Bordeaux, Saint-Malo and Paris, finally settles in Clermont-Ferrand.


To honor the local heroes on this occasion, Natacha Sibellas presents portraits and interviews of the nurse at the heart of the subject, in addition to the Black and White images around the gestures typical of heart surgery.

Wanting the event to be particularly fascinating and unforgettable, he also invited the talent of regional screenwriter Anne-Éléonore Gagnon.

“It was important for me to exhibit these photographs in the place where it all began… But I didn’t want this work to be limited to the hospital space. I was looking for a place that was accessible to everyone, without ‘medical’ connotations, and conducive to the expression of art. An exceptional place. I opened this exhibition in January it was also a dream to offer. I liked the idea of ​​offering public art, beauty, unprinted for the beginning of the year, “said Natacha SIBELLAS.

In parallel with the exhibition, the CHU Gabriel Montpied in Clermont-Ferrand is also showing portraits of caretakers.

Of the more than 5,000 moments captured, 43 were preserved to be the subject of a book of artistic photographs published in 2020. It was printed by the French publishing house “In the heart of the block” and specialized in photo printing, and sold more than 600 copies.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the book and photographs of the “Heart of the Block” series is indeed donated to the Marc Lascar foundation of the SFTCCV (French Society of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery).

Natacha Sibellas photo exhibition “In the heart of the block” until February 2, La Canopée, Michelin, place des Carmes in Clermont-Ferrand. Monday to Friday 9am to 7pm. Free entry. Artist participation on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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