Snow on the plains tomorrow Thursday: everything you need to know

Since January 16, mild cold prevails in France as a whole. The air temperature in the country remains 2-3°C below the seasonal average so far, but on January 22, it temporarily dropped to about 5°C below the norm.

In this wintry condition, it will snow on Thursday. This degradation is due to the arrival of the British Isles overnight disturbance, which will then cross hexagonally from north to south-west. If the rain is expected mostly north of the Loire, it should turn to snow moving towards the central regions and southwest.

Recent analyzes confirm this episode, but with a very low intensity and despite some doubts about the risk of snow on the ground in some areas. These uncertainties are related to the differences in models for estimating the rate of advance of the disturbance, but it is confirmed that the disturbance will be blocked in its progress along the axis from the Vendée to the Ardennes. French island. However, it is expected to rain mainly with the melting. These two parameters viz rate of development of anxiety and temperature level on arrival, will be crucial and will be followed in our next analyses.

The beginning of degradation : Thursday morning north of the Loire

Snow is likely this Thursday © Weather Channel

A rainy disturbance from England will reach the Channel and Hauts-de-France coasts on Tuesday. These showers will then descend towards the Loire, Île-de-France and Champagne-Ardenne axis during the night before extending into the Center region and northern New Aquitaine in the morning. The rate of development of the disturbance will be an important factor in determining the risk of snow. It should be slowed down before it almost breaks down in place.

Temperatures won’t be too low, almost 0°C on the axis in question, and the transition from snow to rain will happen quickly, limiting grip on the ground. It is possible that melting snow will still fall in the first half of the morning, especially in the Ardennes on the axis between Nantes and the Belgian border.

the most critical period : light snow replaces rain from Ardennes to Vendée

During the morning, the disturbance will descend obliquely along an axis from Luxembourg to the Vendée, but will not move eastward. Due to the fact that the night temperature will be negative, occasional snowfall should replace this axis. These precipitations will be light overall, but snow will remain on the ground in time. Here it is The period that promises to be perhaps the thinnest in terms of traffic conditions.

Afternoon, the riot will literally break out on the spot. So, under a gray sky and wintry atmosphere, light rain and snow will stop. So this episode will have nothing to do with last week’s snow.

Weakness of anxiety in the afternoon

In the second half of the day, the weather will be cold, and a slightly positive temperature will be observed from the southwest to the northeast. Snowfall will weaken, but landscapes will remain dusty in places. Scattered light snow northeast of Limousin is still possible. This development would be favorable for the normalization of traffic conditions due to a light thaw during the day, except in the Limousin heights and the Ardennes, where the thermometer will remain close to 0°C throughout the day.

Evening and night : watch out for freezing and icing!

Chance of snow Thursday night © Weather Channel

After this rainy-snowy transition, the wind will move towards the northeast. The cold weather will continue to affect the entire country with its wintry feel. Temperatures in the plains will approach 0°C overnight, resulting in the risk of icy roads during the day with wet or snow-covered roads.

The snow is not over!

On Friday and Saturday, new snow showers will be observed, mainly between the Massif Central and the Pyrenees, and a few more centimeters are expected. Therefore, traffic conditions may be difficult on Friday morning in these regions, especially between the center-east, Massif Central, Limousin and Midi-Pyrenees. The thickness of the snow will remain low (1-3 cm).

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