Pommerit high school: professional bachelor for working with dogs, cats and small animals

Emilie, Theo and Maëlane Bac Pro are at CGESCF. ©Manon LE YAN

Bac Pro Company Conduct and Management in the Dog and Cat Sector It takes place over three years starting from the third year.

Good academic standing is highly recommended given the large number of applicants. However, each profile is analyzed.

General and vocational subjects

the Bac Pro CGESCF divided into two equal parts, general subjects on one side and vocational subjects on the other.

Initial training is a large part of theory and practice.

“Students study every week. Through professional practical work, what is not done in practice is done in high school. As professional subjects, young people can choose professional experience, zootechnics, equipment maintenance, animal design, grooming, physics, biology and trade around dogs and cats, be it breeding, boarding, etc. have other training related to

Young students then learn about the experience of upbringing, education and socialization.

As for animal drawings, it is useful for grooming training.

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Students at the Salmonais animal boarding house in Saint-Malo.
Students at the Salmonais animal boarding house in Saint-Malo. ©Manon LE YAN

Touching the business world

“During the course, students participate in the maintenance of the school kennel and its surroundings, visit farms, study the colors of cats’ coats (genetics), participate in dog shows, and go to at least two salons. This year we went to the salon du chat in Pontchâteau and soon we will go to the salon du chien which takes place on the 5th, 6th and 7th of May. Two trips are also offered. This year, Françoise Guillou continues, two classes go to the mountains, meet many people, will introduce them to animal husbandry. Students will also do canirandos, visit caves, and more. Another trip will be to Paris: meet professionals who provide boarding for dogs and cats, discover the Paris dog brigade, etc. “, develops Françoise Guillou.

During these visits, students enrich their general culture and professional knowledge.

The sector offers two specializations: familiarization with grooming and security dogs.

As for the experiments, in 2, it lasts a minimum of six weeks in breeding. First, a minimum of six weeks. or livestock and a minimum of one week. in marketing and terminal four weeks in livestock/internet and one week in diversification eg: veterinary practice, grooming, pet store, kibble sales, private security, army corps, etc.

It is also possible to do an internship abroad at the terminal.

This profession does not lead a bachelor to BTS BioQualim, ACSE, PA, UJAC, some will go to university and others to professional training.

High school students during their trip to the mountains in 2022.
High school students from Pommerit high school during their trip to the mountains in 2022. ©Manon LE YAN

Developing students

In the second place, Johann has been working as a volunteer at the Trégrom shelter for two years.

“I have enjoyed taking care of dogs for several years. I have always had dogs since I was little, and I have a good relationship with them. I would like to be a breeder and educator, I am interested in the birth of puppies, care for them, how they grow and what they become. I came to Pommerit because I have friends there, the good follow-up of students and its reputation also motivated me,” admits the young man.

As for Marina from Tonquedec, she has a real passion for Pointer hounds. His passion for this breed comes from his father. These gentle, wise and friendly dogs in the parking lot gave him the desire to create his own animal farm.

“I liked the high school, its dog-cat training is famous. Before joining him, I studied dogs a lot, I was a dog groomer, I have always loved dogs, especially White Swiss Shepherds, maybe I would like to continue my education and become a breeder,” says Maëlane, a first-year student.

The school kennel welcomes students’ and some teachers’ dogs.

Two grooming rooms and two flexibility areas allow youngsters to learn concretely.

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