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Nans Thomassey (Nans) and Guillaume Tisserand-Mouton (Mouts) are organizing a solidarity night in Langres (Haute-Marne) on Friday 27 January. An opportunity to review an episode of the documentary series “Nus et culottés” and collect boxes for a solidarity grocery store.

You don’t know what to watch on TV. You zap and now you find two pennies and bare cranks (well, almost a fern loincloth carefully styled) in France 5. They consider hitchhiking (and being dressed up by the benevolent spirits they meet along the way) to build a sandcastle, ski, or drink chocolate with the king of the Belgians.
you don’t know the concept Naked and cheeky, but you will clearly love it. This documentary series already has ten seasons under its belt (the last one can be viewed on the France 5 website). It is full of wonderful stories and emotions about the meeting of the two co-directors Nans Thomasey (Nans) and Guillaume Tisserand-Mouton (Mouts).
The latter is a local figure, as he was born in Chaumont (Haute Marne) and he lives a little further down in Langres (also Haute Marne), like this famous priest presented on TikTok. It is in this city that the duo, who have become indispensable, organize a small event that emphasizes a value they hold dear: sharing. The appointment is on Friday 27th January 2023 at 19:00 (see location on the map below).

Thus, taking one of the 500 places of the gathering (all parties anyway) is done through registration, which is associated with a very special fee. Five euros…tin cans and other non-perishable food items. They will be given to the social food store run by the Haute-Marne Red Cross Society.
If you are planning to come and still want to help, you can drop off your food donations on Tuesday or Thursday at the social food store at 4 rue des Ouches in Langres (next to Blanchefontaine park). Or to send a check payable to the French Red Cross to this address (a tax receipt will be sent for donations over ten euros).
In organizing the famous night, we meet Thomas Damoiseau, the head of the local communication agency Tom Point Com. Who was kind enough to inform France 3 Champagne-Ardenne.

“Fred, the host of Magnum la Radio, contacted me to see if we could do a charity night. He wanted to meet Mouts, who lives in Langres. Being close to his heart, Mouts decided to lend. the game of this solidarity evening.” The latter will soon be off on an adventure again, in the cold, but wanted to remember that some people live in the cold (and hungry) on a daily basis, so this challenge was started. (He made a short video to announce it via Facebook, see below)

“They will broadcast an episode of the series Naked and cheeky on a giant screen [Concerto pour un glacier, si vous ne pouvez pas venir et que vous voulez le regarder chez vous; ndlr], then a discussion with Mouts: it was an original idea. Then, there’s a lot coming together tonight. There will be musical entertainment. There will be something to eat.”
“After the broadcast there will be a discussion, autographs and a discussion with the Mouts and Nans who are coming to join their friend for the evening.
There is something to please the fans, there are many. A Facebook group even allowed them to collect and share values ​​from the show (see Nance’s Facebook post below).

As Thomas Damoiseau rubs his shoulders “most people” through her local work she knew who to contact to keep this little charity going. “I went to Sandra Geoffroy, the manager of the social food store. It was natural, it made sense because I know what she does locally and what her needs are.”

“So there will be fifteen to twenty volunteers that evening to start collecting and storing them. Normally, it will be a bit heavy on the trucks… We have estimated that five euros could be equal to two kilos of cans, so if we have 500 places and everyone If he’s playing, we can easily make a ton of canned goods. That’s our dream.”
Nothing would be possible without the support of the municipality of Langres. “He gave us a lot of support for this evening. We asked the city to be a partner of the event. He was very happy to say ‘OK’ and gave us the room for free. It takes a lot of work and it saved us from that. by paying the rent. There is a real general mobilization around this event.”
It is also possible to bring a small inexpensive gift (“A Thought About Nance”) to be offered to a random person at the party. A lot of happy and what to make happy.

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