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Forced saving…

We are at the Los Angeles airport on Sunday, January 22. In front of the international arrivals hall, a woman somehow pushes her large suitcases. He keeps smiling, but he could use his hands to maneuver his giant cart. But no one helps him, and he alone will try to fit his luggage into the car of his friend who comes to pick him up. Is it a kitchen traveler? This is Laetitia Hallyday. On the way back from Paris, Taulier’s widow is indeed not met by the limousine driver as one might imagine… after four weeks in France, this is not welcome at all.

Yes, but now, a forty-year-old woman does not have enough means to support the lifestyle she used to have! Is staff available? Unlimited shopping spree? This is no longer news. It’s clear that many would love to have the chance to live in California or wear Céline… But Johnny’s €30 million inheritance tax debt after his death in December 2017 is hanging over his head more than ever. And he still hasn’t returned the 13 million he agreed to pay by August 30, 2022 to the state treasury. The sword of Damocles that began to strain him! For years, Laetitia had not paid much attention to this terrible deadline. Between the Saint Barth vacations and the golden daily life in LA, she wasn’t in saving mode. After selling his mansion in Pacific Palisades, for example, he bought a house in the same neighborhood. A smaller villa, of course, but the same for 5.6 million euros.

Laeticia wants to keep it classy, ​​even eco…

That’s not what you call being cheap… Gradually, Jade and Joy’s mother realize that the taxman’s patience has its limits. After providing him with a few reprieve, as many respites that give him the power not to disturb his family habits too much, he becomes more and more depressed. Not satisfied with blonde Laetitia in Europe and the opening of an exhibition about her husband in Brussels: she also made appointments on January 10 to ask for another reprieve from the administration. The rocker hoped to bring good news with the sale of his last home in Marnes-la-Coquet.

No driver was waiting for him in LA. No more checking!

But after several buyers backed out, Savannah still hasn’t been canceled! In early January, he therefore entrusted it to the Kretz family, the famous family of L’Agence, a TMC program in luxury real estate, and visitors would be interested. The property is now being offered for €10.5 million, which is around 30% less than Laeti was hoping to get for it… We’ve got it, and he’ll be willing to negotiate even at this already broken price! It has to be said to be urgent: the Treasury is threatening to auction it off, which would represent a major setback for Hallydays. In March, Laetitia will also return to Paris for a new court hearing on this matter. But in the meantime, he must lower his sails.

In Los Angeles, we saw her struggling to pull her cart, shopping herself rather than having it delivered or going to a restaurant… “Laetitia and the two small children are not doing well. ” his friend, producer Jean-Claude Camus, confirmed in Ciné Télé Revue a few months ago. Especially since Jalil is not so supported by Lespert these days: after being completely absorbed in the realization of a feature film in Dakar, Saudi Arabia, he is about to start Céline Sallett’s film about the artist Niki de Saint Phalle. . Obligations that take him away from Los Angeles and Laeticia, who has to reorganize her life for a moment… These days, she not only takes care of Jade and Joy, but also takes care of the actor’s son Alyosha. the end of January. A meeting at the center of simplified everyday life that he hopes will be rich with emotions. For him, more than ever, the love of his family is priceless!

The life of a housewife does not always go like clockwork!

Nina Perrault

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