A beautiful product of gymnasts

In Cournon, gymnasts took part in the first qualifying competition of the French trampoline championship. Rhythmic gymnastics was at Bellerive for a tight inter-club meet, while women’s and men’s gymnastics were at Cusset for divisional team championships. That is, 91 gymnasts and 16 teams are participating. The results for the rest of the season are very promising with eleventh place and 14 podiums.

Female results. Federal A1 10-11 years: 1. Ambre Page, Léana Gougaud, Juliette Ragot, Maylis Keita, Illana Barraud Megret.

Federal A1 10 years and over: 2. Rachel Copin, Tihsame, Saima Abdallah, Stella Bigot, Noélie Allemandou.

Regional performance 10 years and over: 1. Agathe Valero, Lola Guerrero, Julie Lauzet, Sidonie Wiche and 3. Anaé Ferrieres, Clara Gougaud, Elina Beurville, Elsa Ferrieres.

Federal 10-13 years: 2. Eloane Barraud Megret, Mélusine Forestier, Maïwenn Delaty, Lotus Bric.

Federal B 10-11 years: 2. Anna Bardiaux, Charlie Vara Daubernard, Elisa Beaumevieille, Margot Bellisario, Timycia Lemartinet.

Federal B 7-8 years: 1. Albane Gillet, Eline Bouchet, Nina Marion, Théa Touly, Maia Florentina Petcu, 2. Tahyssia Martin, Elya Carthonnet, Lilou Thomas, Siheme El Abbaoui.

Federal B 7-9 years: 3. Jade Dupre Faure, Léa Dupre Faure, Elena Couvreur, Lana Bonnet, Léontine Pascal.

Male results. Federal 10-15 years: 1. Kyle Verennes, Aymen Aniss, Mathys Mouton, Mechak Sunda Basa, Elmansour Aboubacar.

Federal 12 and over: 1. Eliott Roubille, Jules Bertholier, Yanis Foigne, Enzo Proia, Mathys Dautraix.

Regional Performance 7-9 years: Robin Delavault, Vasgen Manukian, Sacha Lecourt Ducroux, Elie Morin Mitchell, Julius Mary.

Trampoline results. Federal 13 14 years: 1. Antoine Faysse; Male 15-16 years: 2. Lois Ferrières; 17 and over: 2. Calli Benigaud; national synchronized 13-15 years: 2. Lois Ferrière and Louis Ruffet; national 12 years: 3. Sanae Zacharie.

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Rhythmic gymnastics results. 7-9 years: 1. Anna Dobinet Ribeyron, 2. Adelaide Fradin Menaspa.

10 years and over: 1. Solène Bendris, 2. Stella Gomes, 3. Iseult Joubert.

5-6 years: 1. Raphaeline Menaspa.

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