“Who wants to be my partner?” In the M6: this is the innovative technology developed by Breton

Gaël Seydoux in Emova’s offices, Cesson-Sévigné ©Le Journal de Vitré

He will have a few minutes to convince investors to become his partner. He already knows the answer… but he can’t say anything.

Gael Seydoux will be on M6 Wednesday 1er February 2023 in the show’s 3rd season Who wants to be my partner?.

This entrepreneur Noyal-sur-Vilaine, near Renneswill present his company there, emovawhich developed proprietary virtual twin technology.

Hyper-real avatar

It was in May 2022 that 56-year-old Breton adopted and founded Emova. Initially with two employees, he is now surrounded by ten people working on a solution to create a real digital twin. What to do ?

By creating your hyper-realistic 3D avatar from a simple selfie in a matter of tens of seconds, you will be able to virtually test products to match your appearance.

Gaël Seydoux, founder of Emova

In short, all you need is an online virtual match from your living room thanks to a digital double. “Our first customers are major luxury brands. We can work now around the facefor products like jewelrythey are glassesthe makeup, hats or caps… And within a year it will be possible for the rest of the body as well. »

A great center of attention

Gaël Seydoux is to democratize technology in the show Who wants to be my partner?. “I sent my application in June and the program was registered at the end of September. »

By keeping it secret before the release, it can just make sure investors are “getting into it” and “asking trick questions.”

Videos: currently on Actu

But in the end, for the Breton boss, “whether they invest or not, I’m very happy that I did it because it will bring a lot of attention to Emova”.

What is the main point of the show?

“Who Wants to Be My Partner?” aired on M6. The premise of the show is simple: they come from all over France, of different backgrounds and of different ages. They all had an idea for a facility, service or business, and one day they decided to start their own business.
They lack support, advice or funding to go further. They then met with six well-known investors, convinced them to join them, and
their partner.

An impressive resume

It’s in it business incubator From Rennes Métropole, Digital Square Cesson-SevigneGaël Seydoux founded his young company.

First entrepreneurial experience for this Parisian, born with an impressive resume.

Gaël Seydoux graduated in Graphic Design from the National School of Decorative Arts in Paris, a Masters in Economics from the University of Paris 1 and a DESS in Images and Computer Science.

For ten years he worked in their world cinema and some advertising. In the 1990s, he was involved in the creation of “the first full 3D television series”, Insectivores.

Harry Potter, Batman, Alien…

Then it happens 3D graphics controller about visual effects several movies : Crimson Rivers, Batman Begins, Alien vs. Predator, Sahara or Harry Potter.

I also directed the 3D effects on Alain Chabat’s Asterix and Obelix: Mission Cleopatra.

Then Gaël Seydoux joins video game industry for a good decade. “I was observed sony To consolidate their gaming units in London. »

After returning to France, he “knocked on the door”Ubisoft, will stay here for nine years. ” I produced video games (Red Steel 2, Drawsome Tablet) and I created a department to adapt video game technologies to other sectors of the industry. »

He is working on the creation of virtual reality, especially for theme parks.

Emova creator Gaël Seydoux on the set of the show Who Wants to Be My Partner? ©SCREEN SHOT / M6

He came to Brittany in 2015

In 2015, he discovered Brittany and moved with his wife and three children to Noyal-sur-Vilaine, where the family still lives today.

employed by the company Technical color, based in Rennes, he heads Research and Innovation there for immersive media (virtual and augmented reality, Light Fields) leading a team of 65 people. “I have worked on several Hollywood films, including The Lion King and Jungle book. »

Technicolor is acquired by American Interdigital In 2019, and Gaël Seydoux will move towards this place ” digital man“. “I was developing technologies to create realistic avatars. »

Raising funds of two million euros

Thus, his professional career took an important turn in May 2022 when Interdigital gave him permission to create Emova. “including the capital of the company”.

Public funding allows it to be built in good conditions, and already in September the first prototype is presented. Before the shooting of the play.

Everything happened very quickly, and this is only the beginning. “I’m currently raising 2 million euros, it’s almost done. I’m working on other markets too, but it’s too early to talk about that. »

One more secret…he will reveal in time. Meanwhile, the show to raise it Who wants to be my partner?See you on Wednesday 1ster February on the M6.

Who wants to be my partner? Wednesday 1er February 2023 at 21:10 on the M6. Website: www.emova.me.

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