Who is Poopi Blh, the “mochi mom” of social media?

A laid-back tone, refrigerated complexes, and shoutouts for every emotion… Welcome to the world of Poopi Blh! Every day for a little over two years, this 38-year-old resident of Strasbourg has been sharing his daily life with his community. A program consisting mainly of all kinds of food tastings and make-up tests. Along with the less playful writings he tries to warn on public issues.

The menu is deceiving. To date, Pauli, her real name, has close to 240,000 followers on Instagram and 3.8 million followers, especially on TikTok. “At first I was afraid of social networks. I posted a minimum of things and found a mistake, “he admits quite paradoxically. “Then I discovered it in the first arrest, and in the second I missed it, so I started. After two or three videos, it exploded. With a nail machine on Aliexpress, “especially new When the beginners say, “they were deceived.”

Sudden success “falling on the spot”. The 30-year-old had just graduated from psychology and found herself unemployed “after two years in a clothes shop at Galeries Lafayette.” But before? “After undergrad, I did tourism school without working in the region, managed a bit of real estate, lived in Paris for five years, worked at McDo … I got a little banged up,” answered Poopi Blh, not hiding it well enough. -to-do backgrounds. “Yes, I’m lucky to have a family that allows me to do what I want, I can’t complain. »

None of this takes anything away from his current hard-earned success. Because yes, it’s also one of constantly thinking about content and publishing it in the right place at the right time. “I’m a very determined person,” says the Alsatian, who produced “up to seven or eight videos a day” for a while. But today it’s more like two. “That’s why it’s always on his favorite topics.

“I take full responsibility”

“The food is connected to my grandmother, who cooked a lot when my mother and I were little,” she explains. “I remember well the capers or osso bucco skate with lemon butter… And the make-up, I’ve always liked that. Bright, shiny, girly everything. My networks really are my world! »

The place where this “bachelor” left without creating any character. Regardless of imperfect beauty or what some may consider overweight. “Like everyone else, I went on a diet and gained weight. But with my psychology education, I gained self-confidence. Whether on TikTok or anywhere else, I dedicate my life to showing that you have to accept yourself as you are, and let go of the standards. I am completely assuming myself and I have the impression that my voice matters to the subject,” pleads the one who still defines himself as “very greedy”. “I’ve never liked someone stealing from my plate. I love eating and going to restaurants, even if it means traveling. »

His followers know it. There are rare days when Poopi Blh isn’t filming herself tasting and commenting on a dish chosen for her fleeting cravings. Positive or negative, “but never mean. “. It’s all about gastronomy: from sushi to kebabs, including Lebanese specialties and of course… mochi! One of the first to praise these small Japanese rice-based pastries filled with different flavors was impressive. she said.I don’t know what to nickname my subscribers so I call her “my little mochis” and I’m “mom mochi” she’s still having fun, always willing not to take herself too seriously.

“When you watch me, you have to be second class,” Strasbourg insists, sometimes more solemnly. Especially when talking about the dangers of cosmetic surgery, he likes to refer to it anyway. “I do a lot of prevention on this, because sometimes you can do anything on networks. »

Also on TV

All of this obviously doesn’t stop Poopi Blh from appearing with certain brands. “But I always write it collaboratively, and I only write between one and four each month. 70% of the time I pay for the products I test,” he says, never getting tired of this constant staging. Better yet, the aspiring videographer knew how to become an entrepreneur and diversify. Her website sells “poopy boxes” filled with sweets and even clothes. “I’ve also started putting my favorite addresses in there, but it’s taking time and I’m working alone in Strasbourg,” adds the insider, who will be on the Top Pastry Chef Celebrity poster at Gulli this Tuesday.

“Even though I was a bit scared to get too involved because I’m a competitor, I loved being there,” says Demines, 30, “who promises to air other shows soon. The kitchen. ‘Her passion,’ she tells herself, ‘quite talented, but I couldn’t make it my business “. Not quite, but not far off. And it looks like it’s going to continue… “I still like it, as long as I feel it. does not leave easily.

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