Portrait of Charlie Jordan: biography, events, photos

Charlie Jordan is an American DJ who first became known as a social media influencer. A 24-year-old young woman chose to leave her comfort and defined destiny to pursue her dream, to be able to live as she sees fit and contribute to a better world through her community. Check out Charly Jordan’s biography.

A brief profile of Charly Jordan

Full name Charlie Jordan
Date of birth March 9, 1999
Astrological sign Fishes
Age 24 years
Birthplace Las Vegas, Nevada
Nationality american
Charlie Jordan Height 175 centimeters
Occupy DJette, model, entrepreneur, influencer

Biography of Charlie Jordan

Charly Jordan was born on March 9, 1999 in Las Vegas, Nevada. He comes from a very religious family, for example, forbids him to open his arms and knees. In college, the girl was part of the soccer and track and field teams. He received several scholarships to continue this path. But at the age of 17, he realized that this was not what he wanted to do with his life. She started contacting photographers and models to build her career.

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Charly Jordan began to promote himself with TikTok videos, where he built a community of 8 million fans. Later, the young woman conquered Instagram. When her account reaches 150,000 fans, she starts receiving modeling offers. ” When I hit 150,000 followers, a brand took me on a journey for the first time. I was engaged in nature photography and modeling. I’m really thankful that I went down this path because I couldn’t find a job in traditional modeling. Nobody wanted to sign me because I was too muscular“says the young woman.

Charlie Jordan also has a YouTube channel where he talks about his life as a DJ. Using his fan base, Charlie Jordan began to focus on music and became a popular DJ. The Zouk Group , in Las Vegas. But the young woman does not stop there, she wants to contribute to a better state of well-being in the world. For this reason, he founded two companies, Misty Rosesand Beauty in Pain .

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Charly Jordan as a couple

Charly Jordan is very low-key about her love life at the moment. She was in a relationship with musician Tyler Holder. Their relationship has had ups and downs and has been shared on social networks. They were even chosen pair of the yearWith TikTok videos. She was also in a relationship with showrunner Robert Graham. bachelors, and YouTuber Logan Paul. Recently, the young DJette also dated another TikTok star, Harry Jowsey.

His career has ranged from social media to turntables

Charly Jordan managed to conquer social networks before becoming a DJ. The young woman understood that social networks are ephemeral, she wanted to invest for a long time. As he is also passionate about music and a native of Las Vegas, Charlie Jordan took advantage of his social media popularity to launch his career as a DJ. According to him, the music came naturally even though it was not planned.

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“I never planned it to be a career or a job, but it was something I was passionate about. I exploded on social media at a very young age, so it’s been great to find what I’m passionate about as I grow up and share it with my followers“, he admits in an interview Forbes.

Charly Jordan, a devoted young woman

The most important thing for Charly Jordan is to leave a positive influence around him. It is this view that made him follower of charity work. He often travels in this context and chooses the companies he works with. These are companies that change people’s lives. There is especially Operation Underground Railroad, an anti-sex trafficking organization in Utah. there is also 4 The oceanAn association in favor of ecology in Florida.

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Charlie Jordan took scuba diving lessons to be able to retrieve a tire from the bottom of the sea and act for the benefit of this association. The young woman, who does not yet have time to fully invest in charity work, is content with donating to these associations. But in the future, he plans to establish his own association.

Charlie Jordan, entrepreneur

Charly Jordan started entrepreneurship by founding two companies. Firstly, Misty Roses, a greener and healthier alternative to rolling papers. SecondlyBeauty in bread, a jewelry company. It is a way of giving freedom of expression to mentally challenged people through jewelry. His companies are doing well and he has had to hire people to help him run them better. For Charlie Jordan, age is no barrier to achieving what he dreams of.

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