How to delete your Facebook account?

Textbook How to delete your Facebook account?

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How to delete your Facebook account? Everyone has their own reasons for wanting to say goodbye to Mark Zuckerberg’s social network, but figuring out how to close your Facebook account isn’t that easy. This is a guide designed to answer this difficult question!

Facebook is no longer an attractive social network

In the early 2010s, Facebook exploded and you created your account at the same time as your friends and family. A lot has happened in about ten years, and like Theseus’ boat, you are no longer the same. Between embarrassing photos and embarrassing posts, you realize it’s been years since you used Facebook, replaced by hours of scrolling through Instagram, SnapChat, Twitter or even TikTok.

There are many reasons why he wants to close his Facebook account. The 2010s star is still doing well globally, but has stopped gaining new audiences at home. Let’s face it, Facebook today is an unusual social network with a reputation tarnished by murky legal cases involving the disastrous handling of millions of users’ personal data.

Of course, Facebook doesn’t want people to leave the platform. As a result, learning how to delete your account is quite complicated. This guide is there to guide you through this dangerous process. There are two different steps to delete your Facebook account. These two actions have different consequences, so let’s detail them one by one.

This first technique is the most radical. After applying the method below, your account will be completely gone and you will not be able to reactivate it after 30 days.

Posts, photos, or anything else (like a page you only control) will be removed from public view. Note, however, that you cannot delete your messages this way, as the people you sent them to may keep a copy of them.

Be careful, this manipulation can cause problems connecting to all the services you subscribe to through Facebook. Of course, your Messenger account associated with Facebook will also be deleted.

Whether you’re on a PC or Mac, we recommend you bring a computer. It is possible to delete your Facebook account from the smartphone or tablet application (through the security settings), but everything is simpler and more readable with the PC interface.

  • 1) From the Facebook homepage, click on the top right corner of the down arrow icon located on your profile picture.
  • 2) Go to the Settings & Privacy menu, then the Settings submenu
  • 3) You should see “Your Facebook Information” in the column on the left side of the screen, click on these words. If you can’t find them in the specified location, they may be hidden behind another sub-menu called Privacy.
  • 4) Scroll down until you find Deactivate and delete.
  • 5) Everything goes by itself there. Click Delete account, and then click Continue to delete account. Confirm the deletion and you are done.

As we reported earlier, deleting your Facebook account permanently can cause some problems. To prevent them from disappearing from the social network, you can simply deactivate the account temporarily. It will remain in the databases of Mark Zuckerberg’s firm, and you are free to reactivate it whenever you want.

Temporary deactivation does not delete any content, but hides you completely. No one, not even your friends, will be able to access your account. However, they will still be able to contact you via Facebook Messenger and your contact via Facebook will still be relevant.

  • 1) Follow steps 1-4 described above.
  • 2) Choose deactivation instead of delete.

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